Rain water

is so silent

as it lies in puddles

on the ground

saying no word

of its fall

from the skies

onto you at your

death door

waiting for me to say

you will not be


like you felt

when alive by yourself

on your own in the house

of my childhood

with your memories

of this

and that

and nothing for me to

forgive, like embers

in the wind

without knowing who

has set it burning

waiting for the rains

to appear.

It doesn’t stop

this rain

as it sends me to sleep

without the factual

nor reverent able

to see what it is they

do not knowingly want to.

I will be yours father

but not thy willing sequel

but another part to play

is mine alone.


    • Bioman said:

      Thank you Petru! I am making plans to come home this December for two weeks – and hiring a car from the airport. I would love to stay somewhere where I can access the Kruger Park easily for a day or two – do you still fancy a visitor or maybe two?


      • We can talk. I’m moving back into the town end this month but there will be space. Let me know.


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