He declared war through e-mail

and waged it sinfully

against those who would doubt

his effectiveness at

knowing who to blame when

the time came to struggle

back to mainland for drinking

water and sure, he knew it

to be true that all those without tankards

would serve the light for they all

had long hands for the use of

feeding themselves food and grog

and not the right of all to be able

to make it solacely to their Maker.

It was war and that made all the work

of ages seem like the stones from the missing land

called Afrique de Sud where

the chamber of all the tyrants

was being prepared for hunger games

about their withal and they are back to school now as they try

and adjust to their useful times in Britain.

War is agony of spirit and not only that

it takes man and opens deals with God

about which they know only that they are really

trying to stop one of the calls for goal when all

the ready made algebra are being used to make it into the one

and only place called the real and the rater.


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