I see you looking like me

at the time on the wall

and wondering

how to make it

to the end s of time

without knowing

who is able to make it to

the ends of timeless wonder?

Who is to be famous here?

Is it the end of it all?

Your dark secret lingers on

and has no featured look

apart from the right to see it through

and tell us

who is he?

That makes all the wrongful deeds

of the sinning public

the worthwhile endeavours

of saints?

That corrects without

institutions of laughter

and milestones of wonderment?

I do not know but you do

and you shall find it here when you look

for it, in Mandela’s eyes and through

his voices and messages of anger

for flooding does not come without

there being a better thing to survive.

I will see

it though the eyes of your

vehicles of sin.



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