It is about the rights of all to prosper

in the world of young at heart

where all are needed to hamper

the rise of the underdog’s beuth

it is not a long time from wedding

the age of the time and the place

the new are arranged in portmanteaus

and the left are not right in the spaces

left by me and my own timed interventions

stopping the degrading of our faith

in medicine and the use of it

to faithfully open sore gums

and open the lefting and righting

of the wrong and the right of our tongue’s

useful remedy, by floating on air through

the riotous way that makes all comers

think it is standforth not to kiss it in the end

but understand it is above water’s edge

that all shall see it, the light

of the armoured cars coming for you

asking not for the regular

but the writer to come forth

and show the way to the underarmed

throws of the younger men who

so not know it but ask it of you

how do you time your throw

to intercene the words of all things?



After Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead


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