Time isn’t the wonderstuff

it is made out to be

it does not heal like bandages

it starts to weave a longterm battle

against scarring

by using the work of mankind

to operate

on missing digits

from accidents

at work, like smoking and drinking

and holding a smoke to ones lips

while driving

and holding a spliff

to your nose while looking at the ends

in cross-eyed viewing

and not the use of it

to make you stoned which is bye the bye

the one thing that doesn’t work out for you

as it doesn’t let you

smile as you work

but only sneer at the work that you have to do

for it is without the working of love

that makes all the decisions

to do with making

of the timed outraged work

to be finished for you

to savour and understand

that all the workers

are asking for it too –

to be able to make it

to their shift end without being

in light and dark again.




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