When I heard you I could not


how a nine times winner of concessionary works

could ever find themselves in it, the shit that is,

for it is a wonderful experience to be

the one who isn’t only allowed, but is given

the right to make all the workers

of the world unite

under fellowship of rulers and

learner motorcycling



true it unites all the writers of worldly events too

for they do not know it but they are asking

for the working man and woman to understand

they are asking for newts and fig-rolls for the

work of then and now


I wonder could you ask yourself for the works

of all the went and where for the whys are all about to

be allowed to start their own guidance

for there is a missile about

that could make it all seem too smooth

to watch as they advertise for the work

to be done with the swiftest intent so that

all the world sees they are in control

The press.




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