The day is breaking when homelessness in Bath

will be a required subject in history

as it shelters them finally

in the light of the threat

they represent to society

and health.

It is without doubt the suited and booted

who yield most to the tide

but they do not know it

but they house the spirit

of revolutionary thinking

in their houses and jet sacked

roots of evil in the use

of real men and women for

timing their march on capitalistic


It is with prior knowledge they begin

to sway the trees with their

movements through the leafy

furlings. It is with druidic charming

that they begin to sway without timing

into the charging of night

skies with wholesome lookinng

sveltered dropping stars of violet and blue

against the raging starshine of the moon.

It took a long time to make it here

to where they know not for it is

with due coursed reckoning that they

see the lines of the parallel in everything

they do and say, where it takes lots

of reckoning but little knowing

to make it to then when it is timed

to be. It is without the work of all the riot

policemen who stand by waiting, for they know

it to be true the food will run out

before they ask for it to be used against

them, force that is.




  1. When I saw the report this morning that councils were being forced to house the homeless, it made me think how insignificant the problems of society really are. In times of peace the issues are dragged out for years unresolved and yet now that we are at war – a single day is all that was needed. It makes you wonder what else we could do if we stopped treating our neighbours as the enemy and united in common cause…

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    • Bioman said:

      I wonder if the human body, the organism, is changing before our eyes?

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