Rockin to the coffin

Once I was a lifeman

where noone else could see

now I am more rustic

as rustic as you and me

there was a time when no one knew

of the look that was in your eyes

Now I see they all are square

without the trust in me

I don’t give a damn you say

but I do and that is why I

play with words and argue much

for the sake of my disguise

I wonder now just who will do

what I want to be done for me

I know You will if I ask but then

will you know when to stop?

By this time you can envisage

I am not one to slumber long

I know what to do when the pillows fly

and yes I can be stronger

Do not look for me in the ivy

don’t look out the windows neither

when you here a knock just leave one ajar

And I’ll slide through as silent as ether

I’m ready now as I have ever been

for a new life beside my coffin

just lie back, and relax

and enjoy a lot of lovin’.


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