I don’t mind people taking drugs. It’s the ones who can’t get away with it who bug me.

I have been an undercover cop for what seems my entire life and it does not start with the look of love, for when you see coke for the first time, or heroin, you do not know it but a bitter love affair is about to begin.

I went in a young man, new to the drugs squad and chosen for my actions during raids on the South Side of London where the people are carefully packing away their nights in order to save their days. It led me here, in the end, to Bath where all the cocaine and heroin from San Francisco flows on a route that has been in existence for 20 years, ossified in fact as we began a campaign leading to a final end of the drugs war from Quito to Quebec, from San Francisco to Bath.

This is the story of how I became a Drugs Lord.

And of Thermonuclear War.

You think I bullshitting? Well let me tell you that the drugs squad is just a sideline for me, I came into this seconded from US Special Ops where I was a full-blood colonel. There came a time when the world and I nearly gave our existence for the cretinous human beings that were intent on a war to end all wars and this is how it came to being in a short breath.

Obama was in tears. So was Cameron and the rest of the world leaders.

Only I stood in the way of mass extinction, together with some crazy brave men and women of the 107 Rangers and General Norman Schwarzekopf, the man who was prepared to say fuck you to the president and saved my life.

And with Prince Harry, then in Afghanistan fighting his war, coming onto Armed Forces radio in a panic, insisting that someone should save his mother Princess Anne from the nuclear device that had been constructed under Bath University in the stone quarries under the hill over-looking the City of Bath. How did Harry know? Well, that is to come and no secret amongst the men of the Armed Forces U.K. who were listening to his sobs.

I was working from home in my flat when it happened and I received the first intimations of the silent panic that had spread through the political and military corridors of Britain.


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