It is not the obvious way of looking at things – to hear that all the nations on earth owe one a debt but they do, for I was the one who showed the allied forces how to dissemble the bombs that led to the end of the war on terror on earth.

But before that I had to do some thinking about the right of one and the rights of all and that came to the conclusion that I had a right to lead a war upon drugs to stop the disabling of the planet yet again in the future.

It started with the wedding of the century, that is Willy and Kate, but began in earnest with the death of my father due to Carmen Plant and her friend known as Claire Elizabeth Amanda Saunders, my sister at home in Jeffrey’s Bay South Africa.

It is not the end of it but the start and so it is they all begin to see that all the runners of the planet are together with me as we start to end the job here in Bath by dissolving the racket known as drug smuggling as it used the end of the world to begin again and that is how they start, with the bang that ends the world to make all the people understand it and not then but here where they all see it too and not there but here where they all begin again and start the beginning from the end of the first and start again from the end of the way called the rea which is hermaphrodian for the right of one and the right of all which is Dada.

I will begin with the word know as the right of some and that is dada too and that is what the all want, a sinner to praise and a loser to formulate against like me and they do, incarcerating me against my will again and again without thought to themselves or their willingness to change their minds about me in court where there are numerous anti-will people who hate the thought of free will and the use of force to get it.

It will start here where they all begin, where they all see it to be and not to see, when no one can call and the red is blue and the white is red. This is about the rights of all to see that war is about conquering the youth of today and not the youth of tomorrow, yet, as they are yet to be born but preparations are in place to make them all tardy about working the will out of the frame known as the working man and the working woman. In Dutch it is about the right of all and not the right of many (also Dada) and that is about the right of all to sin and not be here but there where they all begin and not end as per the usual things.

This is not going to be easy but then all things are going to see it in the end and not here but there where they all see it too and not there but here where they do it too and that si white and black and other things too and that be then end of it too and not here but here where they do not do it but do it where they see it too and not here but here and that is why they see it in the long term, as ridicule and fate and not the right of one to see to it that they that is all people are aware that it is wrong to sytart wars without knowing when to stop.

I will not start but here I will end and say it is about the right of all to see that in the end it is about writing and not working that makes all to truth come out and that is why I do it – to show you that it is about the writing on the wall, about the work of all and the start of the begin in the end and that is about it.

In simple engilsh, it is the drugs lords who made it possible to smuggle the contents of 64 nuclear devices throughout the globe and this is why they say it, that all men are equal when born but not when they die. I shall be here but you will not for I know I am good and you are just fodder for the mill.





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