Abbey Life

It took no truth

to give a man

the aim of Lud and

not a lot, so don’t use

time to make a

tow just as a ro

for the ty of line.

It is not so far for he is Lon

and they don’t know if it

is so so don’t be fooled

it is not Lon it is only

far and not be Poe so

in the end it is not go

it is the man who opens

foe.  Too you do not tally

for it is not true to be

a fally in the eyes of a

man named Jolie.  Open book

and it is not far, it is the man

who goes so far who asks

the wit who is the marry get

to son it is not far, I ask for

wan and get in the sand in the eye

of gore and pea.  It is all the

ruck of murder to see the farn

and not the proper one called Ratley.



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