Choice by the weird of wyle

The time is not about the word of the young

but the say of the tom and cat who use the word

to make all the work of the press

look like it is about to be used

as toilet paper

and not the start but the finish

is the beginning of time and the work of

man is about the right

of all to see that there is no way

of being in the work of me and

not the work of my words and you.

It is not about the way I feel

it is about the work of my young

ensemble of friends

who use it to get

the work of none

into the work

of plenty.

You see it in her eyes

but you don’t see it in her hands

for they are working and that

is what they say

it is not going to be easy

to start the writing on the wall again

when they do not know

what it is to be political

in class here where they call

it number one for some and none

for you and me.


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