The Day Today

It took a wipe of the nose

to block your face

Like a hammer it blew

My skin to awake

The tie in the ground and

The work up above

You don’t know the way

But you do understand

The right of the worn

And the stop if the go

in the real and the ray

Of the board in the som

And that is the way

For the sun to begin

To make with the right

And the left of the some

and the work of the mill

is not here in the gris

Of wem and raoul and the ru com like swearing

In the right of the wore in the rule

Of the then and ru as it stands

In the right of the run

in the root of the idea

Of it all and so it goes to the end of all time

And it is so to speak the end of all time

against the root of time

and works for all evil

The time of the Somme

Is here again

As we shed 96 tears

For the all, the unwed

The mur in the tablet

And the rule self unsted

The light of the Tyne

is not yet unwear

We rollick in time

For the faces so Dear

lost to the trench

Though the blow is ungo

I wonder if each

could tell where to go

In the light of the peril

We hold the line tort

And jostle for life

With smoked bathing glow

Asunder the foot they

Do not unsew

The light of the time

is not here where we so

our ravaged hands of shovel

And spade

Do open our glory

To manjack’s parade

if fiefdom and wealth to

Whom we create, the novel

Extinction of what we do



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