Water on the side

Some have food to eat

Some know only water

It is not time to get ahead

And time to stop the falter

I will not hear the soul to beep

The thing ahead is only shelter

I do not know the thing inside

I will not know who is beside

I know not where you look inside

I show you what they do not hide

They where the shring and go to blind

The Howard whist they play beside

The nom et tom they cannot side

Against the whirlpool deep inside

I hear you more than they do here

But do not know the train inside

I do not know the kind of hide

You go to whim and ask Alice

How to be so rancour good

And not accept the lonely good

And that is why they only say

Here is why they cannot say

You do the work and cannot say

Who is work and who to play

Ask again they will not say

Who to reap and who to say

Again the word and not to preach

Again the void do not be sleep

The work of none is not too for

I wonder why you have not stirred.

Your friend


For JO and CEA


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