The Prestige of a Gentleman

The influence of a man

Is due to his gentle nature

It is not the fault of he

It is the error of others

In their view of each other

As men of taste

When they know not how to begin

To show how to space

Their way of making out

From tongue to eclipse

To show not how fervour

Stops the dark from being in

Spades of soiled napkins

For their tomb of well sought sperm.

It is leisure that stops them from making

Amends as their laundry is dirty

And they know not how to work

It so out of the door

And onto the line.

Creased and unfragrant it starts to boil

Over, their start of a mission

Into the bottomless pit of oil and


So it goes, they do not understand

The influence of others with

Dishwashing hands.

I want to show you the work of

The other man, who knows how to clean

And stops in the pan of softening water

And holds nothing true, for he needs

No other to look after his land

And that makes a mockery of all

That he fashions and opens the door

to unbrindled hands afire with the listing

Of huge undertakings of fire and ice.


COPYRIGHT Bruce E Saunders 2020


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