Half Coloured Bath

Half coloured Bath

Bath is the only place

I have met a man who is half white

and not half black

who waved the flag of the

Old Republic

like he knew what it was to oppress

I wonder what he did at school

did he deny his colour and right

to be a man

or did he know it better

to write his way

into history as the big

guy without knowing who

he was?

Ashley you man

you have no knowing of whether

your are a porn man

or a letter of bossman

J F W Cooling who knew

when to say it was better

to see the writing on the wall

than to take back the work

of man in his fingers.

I do not know you

but you are the one

who is mistaken in believing

he is black – you are

witting and woefully

stagnant with pond leaves

in your hair. It took a long

time to find you and now I know

what it takes to be black in Bath

half coloured hair and a jaw for writing

junk on your facebook page

Ash Browne.


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