It takes a woman to know you’re a man

it wasn’t the fruit that came with a plan

I knew not the words to show you the where

in hair

that I knew to be you in the wonder

of blue

I will not be here when the red is the yellow

but I understand the what of the man in you

and now the word has come to the through

and I know it is not the coming of you

but the fact that I am the one of the few

who knew not the when of the tie in the shed

I want to be you in the scene of the crowds

when no one is here and you know not the weir

of salt and lemon I quaff all the day

and I see not the time in the hand of the man

called Messiah.

COPYRIGHT Bruce E Saunders com Bruce P Saunders com Bruce CDF More 2020

For my Darling Kate on Her Birthday


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