My Attempted Murder

In July 2002 there was an attempt upon my life on the streets of Bath.

I was heavily beaten and sustained a cracked skull.

Today I can reveal the culprits:

Stella Creasey Labour MP for East 17, London (BOSS)

Wendy Rook – Bath Fringe (AWB)

Rosemary Sansome (AWB) Bath Constituency Labour Party

Financed by James Dyson of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners with his seven apprentices wielding the weapons, a rifle for my coccyx and a hammer for my head.

This information was yielded after a confession by Gary Locke, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Bath University

who have waged a war upon me of colour after Thabo mBeki’s book “The Art of Politics” – they created a new war upon me – the colours of war – which has seen me confined in mental hospitals 16 times while I have stood up to be counted as one of the men of society. Signed Bruce E Saunders com Bruce Party Saunders com Bruce Consiela Drago Franke More com Prince William of Brits, names conveyed upon me by Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II Rex Herself, M, Head of the ANC et sum.

May God grant Her favour in Her advice to me to leave the party and join Her for tea sometime. Hello You I say! After the name Party which is Latin for “Hello” by Lionel Richie, Her favourite singer of all time.

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