My family lineage

I knew my grandfather to be John Robertson.

Jock Robertson’s real name was Coleford and we are Jewish, hidden from the nazi’s so we might fight a war against them should they rise again.
The Colefords are related to the Queen by marriage, to Edward the Seventh through his mother the Dear Queen Mum who was named Mary Louise Coleford before marriage to Edard VI.
Now you know.
Jock came from New Zealand where he hid in 1927.
And I am “M” as the most decorated soldier in the world, seconded from the South African Army due to conversion in 1993 from uMkhonto we Siswe to the regular South African Army.
I signed on the dotted line when I joined the End Conscription Campaign at Wits and followed ANC policy and left the country in 1989 on the day Nelson Mandela was released from Victor Verster prison, again ANC policy not to have all your eggs in one basket and to have someone outside the country should things fall apart.
I got very political during my PHD and put in Tony Blair again and then Gordon Brown on policy suggestions.
I have a military adjunct on my e-mails which means that every e-mail I send goes via the Washingtonn Desk and the MOD and the United Nations whether I like it or not.  Say Hello to Albert for me and the boys and send my best to all.
With love

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