You gave me your empty mailbox address

asked me to use it when I needed

forgotten times when things were easy

invisible entreaty to be mine.

I asked you about the house and car

and how to keep the kids fulfilled

not knowing when to come back

and find the woods on fire.

I cyphered off a reckless post

a distant laughter was kindled

of love of a vine so ever twisted

and gnarled for moist tongues

refreshening voices, singing out

in full valour of false and incoherent


I speak in tongues and hide in the shadows

and show my heart to no one but thee

here in the darks of the web I imagine and

place the part of me that wants to be seen

but not available to all but some who look

and see me naked without wounds

for no one could volunteer

here without knowing that soon

it will be too late and they will

find out.

How to strip you bare.

Take a moment of solace

two moments of dread

lie down on the hard wooden floor

feel it flat and cold and non compliant

great friction suddenly holds sway

as no limb behaves itself before the mighty

insertion and its mitigant

the needle versed in prayer.


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