The aftermath of sin and going to bed alone

It will take a long time

to open the door to the right time and property.

It took no one to measure the length

of the broad strap

that closes upon the word of the song

and dance man, who knows little

beyond the white and red

and the author of those who know

it well, beyond the hoarse and call of

the near and the loose to you.

In the end it is not about

the right of all to see them in the world

but only the word of man in kind

who knows only he is fair and not

supposed to know when there

is time alone on the scale

of one to ten.

The time is here and no one knows who is

supposed and who is not

against the power of right

and wrong.

Use of it does not purport

to make the rye seem like the host

to your luck, but all becomes sin

in the light of dawn

when the ruck comes through

the right and stops it fully

being understood for many do

ot know it but many do

and so it is they ask

why are they hunted

here in the west of the land

called Nod?


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