And they call them antipsychotics

Olanzipine makes you obese

Aripirazole makes you lactate

Clozapine makes you faint

But I’m not worried about the seniority of the doctors in charge

Who are too young to understand the sensitivity of the psyche

And its warrants to allow those with undue pressures to perform

To allow them to feel secure in the findings of medicine

They don’t understand the use of prescription medicine to help their cause

To understand feelings misjudging them as faithless beings

Inscribed with the factual and not informative.

I feel they are killing us successfully as they use their means to open doors they should leave shut and to close them is impossible once they begin their terror.

Picu is psychiatric intensive care which they do not do. They don’t care and leave you caged with your medicine until you adapt to their way of thinking.

It is sure to be the end of all thinking when they absolve themselves of all jurice prudence and allow the writing to say it all.

In 2002 I was severely assaulted and disabled. See THIS.

I was a fulltime Trade union officer at Natfhe (which later merged with the AUT to form the UCU) before going to study an MEng at Bath University.

I have also been a member of the ANC and when I stayed on to do a PhD in mechanical engineering, I intended to return to South Africa and go into politics.

I was later told by Steve Wharton, a Bath University staff member and then President of the AUT, that this conference had taken place.

A the time of my assault, they (the Conservative Students) must have been on Bath campus.

I believe the staff of the University have been covering up for years.

I won’t go home until I have justice.

The editor of the Bath Chronicle, a Colin Gledhill, at the time, knows more than he ever said.  So does David Cameron.

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