Your lissome regrets

Harbour no sails

As I groom you to know

I am not equal to your love

I sustain

You envelope

Me in your lusting

For More.

I wonder at my name

Prince William of Brit

For never shall I know

How you found me

Alone as a knave

Now my wish has been

Granted. I have found

A Tommy but you are

The swell I have been

Swimming for.

Lift me up so I surf

The Kalahari again

Resist not

Dear Kate

You are the timely

Saint of my

Longing. B


COPYRIGHT Bruce E Saunders 2020

Suicide isn’t very easy.

I don’t have a head for heights.

I want to be able to step out if it gets too bad, who wouldn’t?

I DON’T want to spend my last days in a Mental Health Care home.

Who speaks for the mentally disabled?

The physically disabled?  That’s not good enough.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders

Yesterday I had a waking nightmare.

I had to meet CT off a train at 9.30 am.

I got up, shaved and showered, cleaned the flat and went down to the station.  They didn’t arrive.

I walked home.

My Uncle Bruce was found in a small town in Scotland (he lived in Salibury) lost and unable to say how of why he had got there.

He was sectioned and a few years later died in a Mental Hospital.

I dread the future.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders

Mental Illness is like any other medical Illness

Is true

Its treatment is not

It relegates one to incapacitated.

Show me someone with cancer who cannot go to Switzerland

And euthanize themselves

In dignity

There is little dignity in Mental Illness

As you are picked up and carried away

From your home, family and surroundings to die

In a strange place called a bin.

Wetting oneself from all the medication

Stripped naked of all clothing and deposited in a tiny

Room with only a bare mattress on the floor

And a plastic cup of water.

And this is because one is a threat to society

Because you have made someone unhappy?

Are you out of control or in control

Before they medicate you with poison

And untrustworthy profit sharing pharmaceuticals?