Your lissome regrets

Harbour no sails

As I groom you to know

I am not equal to your love

I sustain

You envelope

Me in your lusting

For More.

I wonder at my name

Prince William of Brit

For never shall I know

How you found me

Alone as a knave

Now my wish has been

Granted. I have found

A Tommy but you are

The swell I have been

Swimming for.

Lift me up so I surf

The Kalahari again

Resist not

Dear Kate

You are the timely

Saint of my

Longing. B


COPYRIGHT Bruce E Saunders 2020

In July 1998, not knowing about the e-mail, I came to Bath and Bath University to study Mechanical Engineering as an undergraduate, aged 34.

Now I am going to jump ahead to…2000 ish, when I met and started playing frisbee with a group of Bath workers who formed a team they called “The Pastie Smashers”….

Gary Hawley lectured me in Thermodynamics.  He released my security file to Clive Owen and this Top Secret Information was used against me.  By the BBC. In 2002-ish. Pamela Stephenson.

But this is going to get too complicated if I delve too deep and there are things I want to clarify here and now wrt the list of names on Page 1.  So back to the current detail.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders