It’s not easy to see-ay

That this is about excitement and variety to life

Instead of Sodom and Gomorrah of the real thinker in you

Who wants it up the ass

Let’s preach a less thoughtful manner of seeing

And breach the amoral cosmo-act of the 2015

General Election and see

If it can be here and now, to

make it so.  To make it so.

It more than needs a repealing action

It needs revulsion and a mere tear shed for the likes

Of the one who gets it in the face with the nearFatal result of a headshot and a smear campaign

That’s Ed and the work of a million as the SNP

Desert for the Feral of the new Labour chance of being

In complete control of their destiny which we hope

Is the end of that.

Bye bye Scotland you brave tykes

For you are needed here but we can see

That it is none of your business so fuck the day

you did and died.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

This is the third part of the Global Outreach Progam as I see it.  It is not a work of Art it is a global taxonomy on the share of oil and such tarts and the number of men it feeds namely numerous millions and he fact that it does indeed make for the employ of numerous artists who say that it should fail.  This is not a fair inclement of the scene of the affair and no it is not a fair inclusion of event to the misspell of all the recreant factors.  Foreword is the anstill and that is the mean of all things ant and the ant of one is no’ the missant of another, it is the missing or debutante aspel.  The aspel means it is the mean of the two not the three or the four.  Therefore it is the halfway distance between the end and the begin but not as the crow flies but along the path.  This does no’ create the end version of events but the begin and thus it starts with the mean and ends with the fnu.

The fnu herefore is the fu and the un of fun mixed up and therefore in an untidy means redoubled into itself to become more fnu or…fun, yes that’s right!

This is not going to be the end of the time here.  It is only the start as I start to enjoy myself convincing you (the reader) that I am in fact insane whereas it is a little fleaball in my throat that starts me on this record of events leading up to my being sentenced without charge to the manifest Heaven and haven of the British Mental Ill-health Society (BMIS I shall call it).

The BMIS is crowded with society at this moment as more and more join in the industry for the fun of it.  Many have committed suicide or committed further risks in order to gain admittance and it is not an exclusive society – rather it is Inclusive.  Very Labour.

It is with some regret that I announce I shall be leaving soon.  The BMIS, not this earthly heaven I call home, named Bath.  This is the start of something different while I endeavour to abscond from the law and make my way across the sea to Australia and then South to Antarctica where I shall be greeted by none other than the emperor penguin with his same-same but different attitude to masonic rage and the fact that I refuse to work for them.  Masons that is.

We shall march accompanied by the vouchsafement of the Lord as we begin to sector out the missive from the missat and decide which of the two is for us.  The missat in this case is none other than the nee-d for a nu or new way of thinking such that these imbeciles can understand that life in Southern Australia and the like has been changed for the good of all.

No more masons in town is what I spreech and this is a new not a way and that is so.  This is no’ a vague memory of events but a clarification of the roles played by various members of the Bath public including and now wait for it – Thandi ex of the Bath RUH or the Royal United Hospital who preached “forgive and forget” for I shall not forget and I shall foregive for they are plebs or plebescants needing a fixative who do not understand the way of the world.  For them it expends no further than the border of this country and that is that. But for me it extends far beyond that to the extent of once having been forsworn as the enemy of the umKhonto we Siswe and its tactics of peaceful change through endeavour.  It is thus that I became a sworn enemy of them and through this that I made an acquaintance of Craig who shall remain surnameless.  He is a Lord of the Chapel of Ede and thus it is so.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

It doesn’t take all the mighty acts of the globe to make poverty history.  It takes a number of really very well intentioned folk to do so.  Such is the extent of Global Poverty and the Global Initiative required that it is the poor often that do not receive their wont because they have been offered a new way without being able to see the effect.  This is not a short story it is a variable commission.  Thus there is a new need every year that does not receive the new or the old but the fair and the gentle which is often too true to the being of the capitalist endeavour.  There is nothing that can stop the need for a new way through but the one, and the one is not me but the YOU who stop this happening through the desire to fulfil your own need to be a strong one and not a weak.

This is the strong that is the we and the we that is the strong, therefore democracy is the enemy of Global starvation and requires a nu or NU so as to stop the real way of being from coming through.  This is the end.  This is the begin. This is the end.  This is the begin. And so forth.  i.e there is a no and a yes but there is also a need and a desire and the two shall not meet unless there is a nu and a new so that this is not a nu and a new but both, without being the same. There is a nu and that is the way of the eagle that is the way of the American to say this: “There is a way through but it requires a strength of influence that forebears the need of the few and the need of the many and thus makes it illegal to be the same as the rest but only if it is true to speak so, there is a need to see that there is a need that is so needful that it does not need to see.  It is there for all to witness now in these days of Global Poverty of spirit, yes, spirit as we understand and view the enlarged and protuberant need of the few who do not know that it is illegal to starve and agent of the foreign wealth from the need to be fed.   In other words foreign governments need to move forward first in order to see that it is the foreign governments themselves who are starving their own people through ineptitude and non similaya or similitude with the aspirations of their people/s.  This is not going to be the easy way to speak this is going to be the hard. It is wasteful to produce food that does not reach the harvest table of the elder and the young alike.  This does not meet with the strange but with the stranger who is in paradise without the need for food.

But it is the need for food that makes the stranger see that it is the need for want and not food that makes the need for the better man to become equal to the problem.

There is no way that it is easy to see that the want of the nations is going to be in the end, just a sort not a sought-after theme.  A sought after theme is just that, what one wants.  But a sort if of course a type and therefore relegated to the immune system of the world where it is relegated to the aspect of the need for food and not else like the subject of discourse after the effect of the need to be strong and not weak which is what it is all about according to the dividing nations who wish to see the downfall of the West.

It is in this theme that we see that there is a need for the West to dominate in order to maintain its strength but not its real value which is in being able to suffice the needs of the world through commerce and not envy.  It is in this strength that wealth is generated for the West to defend its right to get the other member states of the world to contribute to the real need of the lesser poorer countries of the world, like Australasia and Japan where the need is for success and not to feed the world.  This is a plagiarism upon God’s work, the Bible and arose in a vision to me only two nights ago which I did not complete, forsaking the Rue for the rich unflavoured vice of the British night which arose from a poem I once wrote about skimming downriver on a punt.  This is not complete and shall follow henceforth.

This is not a Love song dear Britain.  This is not a Love song by any means.  This is a song of disdain and quiet hate, for you have come down in cultural flavour since I last met you in the dark about a Century ago when I flew into the manger of your life and met the few who stood by as the world watched itself erupt in flames of the First and only war to take place in the present.  Each was subsequently pre-planned and led to the forfeiture of many lives in the event of which it shall be.  Again.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016