There is no time like the present

No time to call me the better man

I love you all but still you sin

You smoke like Dirk but hold your fin

Like an animal

You do not win

In absence of glory you do not tell

The winner is evil the sky the begin

Of pleasure inperilled

The arc of bin laden

Does not finish here

But there where you win

The aimless start of war can be

The anywhere else for you do not begin

The end does start to make it sin

You do not know where I cannot simply

Open your eyes to the title track

Of the lp

I love to play

10 to 1

Is not the time

It opens doors

Where love begins

I di not know where you

Cannot sin

Begin the where

When no one sins

Where your difference on the brow

And hold your crooked man

On the sow

Soo-ee, soo-ee

I love you more

Than pigs do in your final hour

Do not know me when

You power

I know you not

And love you nire.

Pyre is work I do not pleasance

Take the bow

The corner presence

Is open now

I cannot hold

You again.


Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2020

It is to be sure that all the rights of man are gone for they do not know when they shall start with the belief that all the right and wrong are beginning to see the way forward and that is to to say and it is not the way but the ray of it to and so it is they ask it of you not. They say it is of the right and the wrong and not the reet and plenty and that is why they say it to then and there – it is not the right but wet and so it is they ask what to do about it and they do and it is so to speak the rent and the rye and it is so to speak the end of all and that be the may and the ron and that is all they say and it is so to see it in the end of it to and so it is they say it to then and there and that is why they say it to then and there and that is why they ask it of you – do you own it or so you share it in the end of it to the end of time and that be all they say it to and that is all for now and it is so and so it is and so it is and so it is and so to speak is it all about the rights of men and the wrongs to and so it is they ask it of you and so it is and so I speak it all to see and then they are and are it send and it is shall to see it in the end of it to and it is to and to it is.

This is the one of it and the two of it to and so itto see the end of all things about the right and wrong and it be so and so it is and so it is and so it is they ask it of you and you too and it is so and so it is and so it is in sine for the right of all to see it in the smoo and not here but there and that is why they say it to etc ends.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I am one of four – we were named by our adopting father, in Olde English, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Herpes and Cunt.

Or Jane, Claire, Stu and Bru. Stu and Bru short for Stuart and Bruce. Robert Mugabe doesn’t know this yet but Rob is “Ass-face” in Olde English….oh dear.

to be continued


It is time to tell you another story about me. Once I was said to be of good beginnings i.e. a natural soldier and that did me no harm for I am. However it is not a fact that they do not do it, the SADF or the South African Defence Force, it is a fact that they skoffel a lot which means that they are inherently stupid which is why they say I would head the unit, or B.O.S.S. once Gary, my retromand at school or Wits University, did what he did and died for it for he was not a natural soldier and he did not know anything about soldiering except how to pull a trigger and empty a machine, i.e. press a button to set off a bomb. They did indeed say in the Defence Force that I was one of a kind – co-ordinated and poorly which means I was intellectually stored in the riot gun of life and they did it not to get it but to say it now they ask it of you and say, what is the right way to be in this world when they want you to shoot the men who are you enemy and not their children which is what they did over and over again much to the disgust of Magnus Malan who knew he would be caught and he was, for skiffle and bell which is the start of the revolution I began without knowing it – according to the A.N.C ledger which is in the war archives of South Africa in Pretoria for all to see.

It shall to no one as a surprise that there is one and the same and not dit but dot and you know it and I dig it too and you know it and I do too and it is not dot but dit and it is so to see it and to you know it in the end which is about the song, not about you and that is why they ask it to then and there and that is why they say it is not the way but the why and they ask it not of they but of there and that is to come in the end and it shall but first, the way of it which is part of the story and why too and that is good for all and not some and it is dead good and not here but there and they ask it of you and not they and it is why they say it not of you but they and they ask it not but ask it so to speak ion the end of far and not here and there and so it is and so it is and so it is and so you do it in the end of all things and they say it to the end of all things and they know so to speak and it is ending in mif and not fair and it is so to and to it is so….the end is here.

It is so to speak, a long and tired man who knows what it takes to be a man in the starting of evil like 2 Battalion in South Africa who knew me to be then and there, that is A.N.C. but not committed to them as Gary was. Now it starts to see then that they knew not how to be and that was the start of the deed and not the end and that is why they say it in the starting, that I am one and two and not three and four and that is why they ask it: How do you say “Amandla!” in English when it is true that they know not what it means. It is not “power” or “priest-cant” like they believe. It is about the use of war to see and it fits with the wearing of slave gear in American novels that bespoke the use of it where they do not know it. This means they do not understand how to make it to the ends of the earth and use it, war that is, to make them understand that it is true not to be here when they say it. If you hear “Amandla!” then you should run as it is Zulu for the start of war and it means a long time to run and not short, if you like it, running that is.

If you like to see war as a sort of thing about the use of weapons they know it too and os it is they do not ask for salver but ask for short fit and that is why they say it to them, that it is not short but long and that is why they say it to then and there, that it is rot and not evil and they ask it not of then but of there and it is so to speak the end of all games to be here on earth when so many have died here for the right of survival of all.

It is about law and the use of it to wage sin and that is what it is all about – the use of war to be here and there and not there and here and it is so to speak the end of all war and that is what they say to you, that you are wrong and she is right and that is why they say it to then and there and they ask it not of then but he who does it too and so it is they ask it now – how to be here when the slavery of life continues unabated and they learn it is about the use of then and not here and that is why they say it to then and there – why is it they ask it to and so it is they ask of it not sand not they but here and that is why they do it to then and there, to ask the way home and not hear it but say it to then and though it be so, how to be it in the end is about the right of all to see it out of then and not here etc and in the end it is all about time and the use of it to make good the war-like nature of men and women who knew it but didn’t and so it is and so it is and so it is and too you shall see it unless they do too and that is why they ask it – what is about time and what is about loose money in the pockets of men who do not give a shit about life in the age of America when they do not save it but ask for it to be given to them instead.

So it is they start on the journey of nothing about which they all know it to be true, that it is starting here in Europe with the law but it is ending in Africa with the death of all through slavery and it is about time they all understood that it is not starting unless they all begin to understand it is about law and not the use of guns to instil the use of threat and violence against solely the ones who work and it is so to speak the end of all lives to be here when they do not threaten but deduce and it is same again now and it in the hold of all and that is about the use of it and not he ending of it too and that they say is about work and not pensions and it is so to speak the end of all things about the use of it to and not the end of it so to speak and they do not know it but it is true so to speak and they use it not to get in the hay of all things about which they ask it to and so it is and so it is and so ti is too and they ask it one and end it all the way in the east where they ask: What is the start of man and it is so to speak the end of all time, again, and it is so to speak the end of all words to make it better too.

to be continued


  1.  David Bowie – Black Star
  2. Foo Fighters – In Your Honour
  3. Asylum Kids – Black Poet Jugglers
  4. Underworld – Underneath the Radar
  5. Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand
  6. The Killers – Hot Fuss
  7. Van Morrison – What’s Wrong with this Picture
  8. Goldfrapp – Goldfrapp
  9. Jamelia – Shining Star
  10. M-People – Some Bizarre Fruit
  11. The Screaming Trees – Art of Fart
  12. St Augustine – the Three Number
  13. The Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
Thank you ever so –
Bruce E Saunders
It is a fact that they tried to disable me and send me home in a wheel chair with brain damage through a kick in the spine and the head but actually they used rifles and it shows in a hairline crack in my skull.
A121 to A127 all in rough the time and the wear of all things and that is so it is and so it is and so it is and so it is and so it is and so it is and so it is and so etc to go.

I had cuts to my nose and my glasses were bent. When I twisted my nose it clicked. I washed my face in the sink in my room and called an ambulance. At first I had to argue the difference between and assault and a fight but they agreed to come and fifteen minutes or so later I was in the back of an ambulance. I got talking to the ambulance man and he told me he was the branch secretary of the union at the Royal United Hospital which I have come to know a lot better.

While there I made a complaint to the police. They did not give me a brain scan and could do nothing for my nose so I was sent home without any warnings about head injuries or anything else. Come Monday I caught the bus up to campus and got my first hint of what was in store when Professor Tony Miles walked out of his office in an exit timed with my arrival. How? Well, there was a mystery….

I was as angry as fuck by the assault as I called it. I knew it was political and set up. I knew it. What I didn’t know was who or why and it has puzzled me many years. But I knew from my Wits years it was right wing.

The next day I called Madeleine Innerd who was back in town from her time at University in Dartington, for some sympathy and she came over, but she wasn’t much help. I knew it was politically motivated but I determined I would not show the injury and march on up to the University on the Monday undeterred. I had played rugby at school, I could take it.

Other eminent graduates from Dartington College are the actress Dawn French and Josie Lawrence, wife of comedian Paul Merton, of “Have I got news for you!”

This is important for what is to follow. Television is a very powerful medium and I have enemies I believe now, sort of, believe it or not! What!

I started my Ph.D. on the run. I was attached to a new research group at the University called “The Centre for Biomimetic and Natural Technologies” with Julian Vincent head honcho and Stuart Reynolds the second in command. Adrian Bowyer, a computer whizz was in the group too as were others: Anya Pahl from Australia, Matt Liston, a student from Reading who came with Vincent the Bognatyrevs from Russia and a few others.

I was told on interview that my Ph.D. had been started by another, a biologist, who had left and I received his notes that were scant. Bowyer had been my Masters supervisor where I submitted a thesis on the three dimensional shape acquisition of shapes using stereo-lithography from the still images of an object being rotated on a turntable. Where I had left off I continued and inside three months I had my first data, an image of an arctium minus hook I had collected from down by the river here in Bath. I was told that “burdock” as it is called was the inspiration of George de Mestral’s velcro and so it seemed a good place to start.

I scanned the academic databases for papers and found only 18 that were relevant. Biomimetics was a new science and research was scant. I gave a presentation to the group including one Alex Parfitt who was leaving to go to Quinetiq which he said Julian had to him to go to and I included my image from the University confocal microscope which is normally used for neuroscience. Quinetiq is the commercial firm that specialises in military research and development in the U.K.

The project proposal originated from Dr Andrew Parker then of Oxford and had the title: “The Functional Ecology and Mechanical Properties of Hooks in Nature” which was one hell of a handle to get to grips with. That is all I got with regards to guidance. The rest as it transpired was up to me. I went to Oxford to visit him and Abigail Ingram, his student on the same topic and I shared my results with them.

It went well for nine months or so though I had a vague feeling that there was something going on that I was not privy to. There was something in the air with Patrick Keogh, the post-graduate tutor and it related to the Twin Towers event and I did not know why. I had seen the towers go down while on my industrial placement on my computer in my office and that was not cool.

Still I carried on but something about Vincent made me change supervisors to Adrian Bowyer, because he was so disdainful, to the point of giving me a book on A-level english. Then I noticed something else.

Just prior to my finishing my Masters I had been sitting in the Bell having a few pints, chatting to a couple of young female students who I had just met and I have never seen again to my knowledge. We were talking about South Africa and I was talking about the Aids epidemic there. And I said vehemently: “It’s genocide by apathy!”

A couple of days later I was reading the Times when I saw my words come back at me, this tine with a different attribution. I felt unease. It was Prince Harry. Little did I know it I was under Royal observation of two kinds, pro and con. Princess Kate, daughter of a rich brewer, had her eye on me as a possible alternative to Prince William and had let him know, hence the persecution by Harry, he of the Rommel uniform, the work of art that he is.

To be continued


What am I? I am the Devil. I am temptation.

Brigadier Piet Toon’s stage name is Robert di Nero. I shall put the date in here because this is an active book by which I mean that some of this forms part of an ongoing investigation, the whodunnit. 1/6/2010

Glynnis Breakwell’s real name is Kobus – Fia Kobus of the late Schutte clan of which Mark Kydd-Coutts M.D. (Ha!) and her friend Aaron Mute also of the Broederbond is in town (Bath) tonight looking for as he has an excuse not to recognise me. Ernst and Young is Henry Kobus and Ibis Young of the Quest variety now called the rem and sten as in gun.

Al Gore’s real name is Auf Tonne and his wife Tipper has splendid legs for a stripper.

Someday I’ll tell you we, that is the British, defeated Hitler, Eisenhower and Japan in World War Two.

Now my episode with Friends Reunited resulted in its closure and my acceptance into the C.I.A. unknown to me but the is not to say that I escaped without the attention of the Afrikaner hierachary and this brings into play Quest, a secret organisation little known in the West until now.

Around this time I bought some cheap wet-weather gear and went to the Bureau of Offshore Sailing and completed my Day-skippers ticket. I went on a race from Leamington-Spa to Portland Bill. That is the last time I sailed.

I have a single tattoo, from a time when it was risque and exotic in the early ‘90’s. I went to Saints in Maida Vale and had a seahorse on my back, small and on the shoulderblade. My distinguishing mark apart from my scars which I growing steadily in number.

As I say, as a full colonel in secret I went to the Bath University to do mechanical engineering. I did not know I was being sent to my death by Allison and Mark Crane, paid for my Magnus Malan in 1993 when I got my adjunct. Surprise it was when I learned of this fact.

I have developed a habit and that is to do what I will in the face of authority to see what it will do. Again and again I do what impulses me and I watch the fall-out.

I arrived £2000 in debt on my overdraft but managed to find a job at Starbucks, newly opened in town, which saw me good for money along with some work on the tracks which I continued into my degree. In my second year I got a £10 000 loan which together with working at Mo Kisciwisc’s Learning Support Unit on campus saw me through my degree except for a period at AmbaMedical (now a dildo factory) in Bristol. I finished a four year Masters with a 2(1) and was offered something I always had thought would be out of reach. I looked at my marks – 62% and I knew something was up but I did not know what. I did not dispute it but I knew that they had been massaged. I was soft and blind.

Bath in those days was a quaint smoke blackened town of 200 000, called a city by virtue of its Abbey and world renowned for its Roman Baths. In fact it is a world heritage site now. I lived on campus in the first six months and met a Bath girl named Madeleine Innerd. She moved out of her boyfriends place and we moved into a flat next to the railway lines on the Wells Road for four months then we split up, staying friends. We each found separate accommodation at 11 Catherine Place Bath, in bedsits on separate floor, me in 13 on the third floor and she in 11 on the second. The landlord, Bob Sparkes was a decrepit old prick who insisted on coming into our rooms when we were not there to collect the rent with his set of keys. His son, Martin, is still there in his rooms on the groundfloor and Saffron Rabey lived in the basement. He is an osteopath.

I did not hang out with other students, remaining aloof of them socially and going to the Bell pub most nights I was free, on Milsom Street thereby limiting my excursions into the greater Bath. I did not like Bathonians and thought them all too close to the farm for comfort. They have no sense of urgency but instead want to languish over a Sunday roast and tennis.

I grew to know few on campus but I joined the radio for a brief spell and the samba band. Coffee breaks smoking in the campus pub were accompanied by Chris Kirk and Fernando and Sean and Elaine Odges amongst a few.

Geopolitically Bath is laid out on the meander of the river Avon, clinging to the slopes of the surrounding seven hills and spilling over in some places to he plains above. The call it a university town now and there are four campuses, the University of Bath on its hill overlooking the city, Bath Spa out of town to the west by a couple of miles, Sion Hill on the hillside to the north and Bath City College in the downtown area.

Datemark 2/6/2010 – a few days ago I blew the fuse on the Bath SU for recording me in my flat and I went to the van Morrison gig in Bath today and found it cancelled unannounced with no sign of any movement.

I have learned to hate paperwork fairies like Prince Harry. I you think I think he didn’t understand what was happening as did Robert di Nero to use his stagename, then let me tell you another thing.



After I broke up with Cathy I carried on working and got interested in an American girl temping across the office from me. I learned later that Janine Wright was an American agent. Much later.

We went to South Africa, she went to Cuba and we broke up, after I had taken voluntary redundancy from the union, thinking I would easily find another job when required. How foolish I was. Life at Stanhope Gardens was okay though. I had met a guy named John Hall in the neighbourhood, became friends with him. He will will crop up many times later. I introduced John to Christiane when he took a secretary position at the union too on a temporary basis before I left.

In the meantime, after breaking up with Janine and floating around Harrigay for months, working on the rail part-time as a trackman, working nights on a weekend I upped sticks and moved to my cousin Allison’s place near Chepstow. Mark, her husband now ex-, is an engineer and we got on well.

I logged in to “Friends Reunited” and searched for friends but it was early days for the internet in South Africa and the only person I met there was Sue Bamford.

Then they announced that they were including military units in the south african profiles and I sent a scathing e-mail and discontinued use.

What I did not know is I was being used. This will startle you.

You see, I was recommended by mother for the African National Congress at a young age…soon after arriving, when my Mum was recruited by Nelson at a rally in town where she arrived unperturbed and asked for a drink. She took a long time with it, sitting alone in the back for she knew it was going to be long roads before the end of apartheid. She asked for the work and they agce it to her. Her results were all sent to the HQ in South West Africa and they knew it would be long for the work to run dry as they knew she was good at keeping her mouth closed.

It led to my commission at Wits to lieutenant with all the confines of it. I used it to establish a way of being without knowing, coming and going in Johannesburg like a cop without need for care but I can still remember the use of it for I did not give a fuck about the right of all, I used it to deceive and foment the raw energy of the oppression into salve for the poor.

By the time I left South Africa I was colonel to the Addia which I the right way of saying the corp known as A.N.C. now that it is all forgotten to the people.

All this I did not know at the time. In 1993 there was a transfer of authority in the South African Defence Force and I achieved the rank of colonel in the S.A.D.F.. This led to me being transposed to the U.N. when it appeared I had gone aloof and achieved standard in the trade union movement as an officer which they, the white South Africans, did not like. I had left but South Africa had not left me. I had a military adjunct installed on my address in the use of it, the term used for the defence of America in the time of Dwight D Eisenhower and now it is about the use of it and not the time. This adjunct is a micro-switch in D.A.R.P.A. which gave me the right to send e-mail to the U.S. State Department like in “The Three Days of the Condor” and to the British Ministry of Defence who did not know they did not own me yet.

So when I sent “that” e-mail to the Friends Reunited, it went to U.S. and British military without me knowing along with my rank. This led to the U.S. doing a face look at Britain and deciding it was about to go to war with South Africa. This led to a brigade of South Africans from the S.A.D.F. before the elections being shot down in their ideas and some arrested including the bridadier named Piet Toon, the one who knows and that means he is Afrikaner Weerstand Beweging (A.W.B.)

The U.S. State Department attorney who fielded the issue was Hilary Clinton. She asked and it was put to the President then, George Bush, that I be allowed to make a long term change to the U.S. Special Forces and that took place. I was seconded from the South African Defence Force to the Army with the name Bruce E Saunders attached and that remains. Hilary did her sailing upon her yacht “The Evening Star” of Arkansas.

It took a while before they all started asking what about my passport. I had done it too having convinced the law I was sane and I asked for S.A., i.d. and a passport in 1994 after the first free and fair elections in the country.

This led to me being accepted for dual nationality and the right to carry two passports. There came time to do something and I elected to return to university to redo my old B.Eng. I chose Bath because it was near and the town seems pretty and quiet for a four year study period for my Masters. I tried and did get accepted on my matric results and then I found out that I was just passed the limit for retention of credits and I had to do the whole course without respite from the young and weary like the lecturers were.

It could have been the short and long of it but time told and sure enough I got in trouble from the start by showing my mind tot he student population when they were interested is sex and rum and not rum and sex which is the way to be.




After I broke up with Cathy I carried on working and got interested in an American girl temping across the office from me. I learned later that Janine Wright was an American agent. Much later.

We went to South Africa, she went to Cuba and we broke up, after I had taken voluntary redundancy from the union, thinking I would easily find another job when required. How fool I was. Life at Stanhope Gardens was okay though. I had met a guy named John Hall in the neighbourhood, become friends with a John Hall who will crop up many times later. I introduced John to Christiane when he took a secretary position at the union too on a temporary basis.

I have been sent in and out of mental hospital too over the last decade courtesy of David Abromovich bribing staff at the Royal United Hospital to put me in and fuck up the notes. On behalf of Glynnis Breakwell who couldn’t be seen to handle the money. Who was put in place by Elize Botha.

Prince Harry needed a way of falsifying my signature which is why Breakwell got her Damehood – for showing Harry my signature on file there at the University. Harry forged my signature on the war orders to invade/attack South Africa with biological weaponry.

And at any moment Robin Williams, Joe Strummer, John Thaw, John Peel are going to rise again.


One consequence of being stupid is that people tell on you. Another is that you do not fear them.

In 2002, while I was registered for a Ph.D. at Bath University in the England, the then Vice Chancellor Glynnis Breakwell, Conservative, held a private meeting in the sports hall with 6 Conservative cabinet ministers and all those related to masonry on campus.

As a time check, two weeks ago Sir Vince Cable resigned as chair of the Lib Democrats.

I flew into Heathrow with £20 in my pocket and still no bank account or credit card. I caught the bus down to Salisbury for a stay with my Aunt Iris and her family in Winterslow.

This is where it gets a little foggy, my memory. I know I didn’t borrow more money from my aunt but somehow I managed to connect with an old south african colleague names Sue from Ideadata days and I was connected to Dave Denman too. I remember staying with Dave on the floor of his box room for a few weeks in Maida Vale and then I went to live in Sue’s basement in Brixton London where I worked for her fiance Nigel at Amadeus Building, his company. I was his driver come site manager on site at the King Hussein’s property in Ascot and I worked quite ahppily for a few months. I used to go up to Camden to meet Dave and hang out at the Hawley Arms, where I met Cathy Wolfe.

This is when I signed on for the first time, registered and all, in 1990/1, in between working. So I went on the books for the first time.

Cathy was an attractive woman of Dublin descent, a few years older than me and we had a great laugh, her, me and her friends Maria and Hank. Maria looked like Debra Harry and Hank was an incredibly debauched high school teacher from Acton. We used to cruise the haunts of Camden and this is when I tried my first ecstasy tablet, a white dove. Those were the days when ecstasy was real.

Cathy found me work at her union, data input in the membership department where I met the union crew. I moved in with Cathy in Harringay and there began a happy part of my life. I met Tanner Ali who lived next door and learned the ropes of living in north London. A job came open for secretary in the Inner London Regional Office of Natfhe and I applied. My boss was Christiane Ohsan, a woman of Mauritian extraction who it would later turn out, was/is an agent for Pakistan. She ran for councillor in Hackney in the 2000’s as CPGB candidate.

I worked in Chritiane’s office for three months, tidying it up and getting order and then applied for and was accepted to the post of Regional Support Officer for the three regions, Inner and Outer London and Southern England, under Jenny Golden, Mary Cooper, Carol Ashby.

I handled ballots cos the union Further Education sector, the sixth form colleges and colleges of further education, were in a contracts dispute. Balloting was new then in that Thatcherism had taken hold and suddenly names had to be supplied with the notices of strike. This fazed old timers who did not like it and wanted to dispute the statute. But I kept to the word of the statute and all the ballots and actions were a success. This pissed off Tony Benn who was a part of the UCEA, the University College Employer’s Association.

While at the union I was quite gung-ho, attending numerous training days and the training centre in Cricklewood and as you will see this pissed off Cathy who wanted to earn more money than she was as legal secretary.

I took Cathy back to South Africa and introduced her to my parents and friends. As usual things happened and we were involved in a car accident and Cathy’s whiplash ruined her holiday.

But wait. I am out of order. I was living with Cathy and I got some bad news one Friday evening when I was drinking in the Hawley Arms. Cathy phoned and said my mother had died, drowned. I went home. I was not yet working for the union, I was working at Mobil North Sea in the treasury department as a Manpower temp. Where I met John Budd.

Then I went to work with the union. I did not fly home for the funeral. My Dad said he wasn’t sure about money and that he would be flying with my aunt’s body, as Iris had died too, and there would be a service in Salisbury I could attend with my sister Jane who was living in the States. He brought with him a tape of the service at the South African Institute of Medical Research where my mother had worked for twenty years under a Mr Robb and Prof Koornhof. The canteen was full of black staff. I was touched by the emotion.

I had a hard time adjusting to my mother’s death. The loss of a best friend, do you see? My mother was a stalwart in more ways than one as you shall see. She spied for Chris Hani who had a medical degree and was going to be Minister of Health in the new ANC government. When it happened.

Cathy and I had an argument. She had been drinking and I was bruised and I slapped her when she said venomously “Your mother told me what you are like!”. This was six weeks after her death and I slapped Cathy, something I regretted instantly. As a result I moved out of her flat, in with Gill and a friend down the road, in a cheap spare room where I would wake up with slug trails across my duvet. Not only that it affected my stature at the union obviously as Cathy was bruised from the slap and it showed at work.

As it turned out Cathy is SFP or Soffa Com Lay the word is out they used to be offended by the IRA and said to so the press at the time.

It’s funny cos at the same time Jenny Golden had a secretary named Panna, London Indian she was, and she was a “New Romantic” or German Intelligence.

Two day ago I shaved off my five months growth (31/5/2019) after I had stopped a war between Great Britain and South Africa. With the Queen’s approval.

Anyway. And today is the day I announced to the world and Bath via facebook that Julian Vincent of the Biomimetics Group and my first supervisor back in 2002 July was indulging in bacteriological weapons research on Bath campus with two others with the knowledge of the University staff and authorities.

And Princes Harry and William who are the last masons in Britain along with Quest and mason Julian Vincent. BIONIS was the projects name 2002-5 at Bath, I suspect.