How can a skull help win a revolution

When it cannot fire a button without a finger that can be

snapped off

I demand that all Yankee children be defended from such autonomous valour

By having their finger snapped off at the middle joint

And then they can have five four three two one and go

To hell for thinking it’s all a war game until they grow up

So they say but in the meantime what a soul-searcher

Their Mom must be for buying them such games as

Dreamfilterer and Nightmare on Elm

For they are Freddie and not Earl as in the car-toon

Who is a harmless chap and therefore a loser whereas

To be a winner one must be a loser and a winner in Hell.

This is for you, Wiet

Now there is this and there is that but! There is that and there is this way and that way but!

This is no’ agoin’ to be the en’ this is agoin’ to be the new begin and therefore there is a thi-s and a tha-t and that is the end.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

God talking

It wasn’t long before I knew that it would be a few days before I should be able to seek shelter – until then I would need to be awake and in the slot, as they say, ready for the deadly game ahead of me.  This was not going to be an easy one, so to speak, it was going to be a fair few “dae” before I was ready for the skiet and donder of a firefight, nogal.  Therefore I knew that it would be a lekker time for all if I just froze here and waited my turn at the wheel.

This is not agoin’ to be the fresh faced version you should expect these days. This is no’ goin’ to be a rare occurrence but a real i.e. this is for good and plenty and not for the good of all since it will contain missives that seem to be the way forward and yet they do not have the same impact of the others 3 yes 3 that have been sent this eve.  This is not going to be firm and fair it is going to be fair and reasonable and not in the least like anything you have read about the subject before that is the terrorist bombing in Andalusia now Spain and the bomb in New York and again in Times Square later this evening yes this evening.  Tonight, so better be wearfall and equal to the task Mr Policeman.

This time is for keeps. I have had enough of your stone’s throw from a distance you poofs and therefore I shall bank upon the distance from the base of operations namely Saudi Arabia, for this to be attributed to some American group until I get spotted and then it shall be equal to the task and shall be weatherproof for the real to come in – that is the rain.  This is the name of the Father and the Son but not the Holy Ghost you freaks for this is the en’ of tie and not the begin as you suggest.  The en’d.

The en’d of the tie is the end of the time for which I have gathered thee here for this missive.  It shall doubt upon thee to be and see that this is the end of the tie and not the begi’ so to speak. This is the bigin and there is a Nu  and it shall be me and not thee as you might have it for some time now as you try to believe that I am a trustworthy God and not belicious and neacrophobe as some of you might suspect. That is beatific and not so beautiful in another word or two I shall be able to say that this is the end of the tie but not yet as I have yet this much more to say.  This is the first time I have been able to speak in some time now and yea I see that it is you that have suffered for this and therefore I need to see that this is the end of the begin and therefore I need to speak and this I say – that this is the end of the tie.  Therefore so to speak, am I.  Therefore end.

Once there was a newbie who knew not what to write and so he set to it to write in a certain style that could be undistinguishable from the main and yet could, for it spoke with such verdant flair that it must mean something.  However – it did not and therefore it failed in its need of being able to sell itself on the market and yet it came in freeflow and therefore could mean something and therefore he kept at it, waiting for the illogic to correct itself and make way for a coherent new free form that would get the een in the ent.  That is would get the seen to be bent and therefore illogic and thus too bo or bodacious for the likes of me who wrote dis. Time out.  New missive.  Next one deadline tomorrow or tonight depending how I feel.  Now must do some work.  Bye!

Copyright B E Saunders 2016


This is no’ agunn be a we this is a-gonn be a sad song about the heart of the thing, the heart of the thing, the heart of the thing.

It is about the end of the weir where the heart never sends the end of the hea-art and the end of the part where you sing, James my good fellow, and now it is the guitar and bass and drums making a noise and I love you man more than an art can say.  Yes, more.

This is the end where no said tears shall be shed again for you are in my heart and so to say this is the end of the song

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

Global Outreach II

There has been a number of complaints about my behaviour but maybe now Dr Leach is incumbent to do something for me as I have requested a lawyer from her and she understands that I am a non-violent settler in this place called The Farm in English as the boys are not far from it in terms of violent neglect of their elders.

It is Time please Sir to rename your sponse to that of free love and server her right for doing so.  Without that Is I should have perished a love time ago but that is which keeps me going in the hard times that befall one every sigh and womanst tie of lie an’ sin.

This Is no’ a bi li the noo but it is the nu and so forth until you reach the end of the shall and the start of the shall we not and this means the death to all upon her, the Good Ship Mary.  This shall forth be the emissive of the Good Man known as Bruce Edward Saunders, to sink her and all who sail upon her.

Animal Farm is the full english name of this situation where I am supposed to be the pig – indeed I once did enjoy the fesitive spirit of the Farmhouse Jazz fraternity before its landlord was killed in very suspicious circumstances indeed.  This is too much coincidence to pass by especially when his (Giles Hunt’s) reputation is at stake.  This means that it has all been sacrificed to the altar of Power in the New Moon, i.e.e to the end of the statan that is FW and the nu that is me, shall be henceforth called the New One and the Old one is by and go’ with the tide of time.  This is the New and it shall not be taken for a ride no longer.  Hencewith I declare War with Japan.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016

It doesn’t take all the mighty acts of the globe to make poverty history.  It takes a number of really very well intentioned folk to do so.  Such is the extent of Global Poverty and the Global Initiative required that it is the poor often that do not receive their wont because they have been offered a new way without being able to see the effect.  This is not a short story it is a variable commission.  Thus there is a new need every year that does not receive the new or the old but the fair and the gentle which is often too true to the being of the capitalist endeavour.  There is nothing that can stop the need for a new way through but the one, and the one is not me but the YOU who stop this happening through the desire to fulfil your own need to be a strong one and not a weak.

This is the strong that is the we and the we that is the strong, therefore democracy is the enemy of Global starvation and requires a nu or NU so as to stop the real way of being from coming through.  This is the end.  This is the begin. This is the end.  This is the begin. And so forth.  i.e there is a no and a yes but there is also a need and a desire and the two shall not meet unless there is a nu and a new so that this is not a nu and a new but both, without being the same. There is a nu and that is the way of the eagle that is the way of the American to say this: “There is a way through but it requires a strength of influence that forebears the need of the few and the need of the many and thus makes it illegal to be the same as the rest but only if it is true to speak so, there is a need to see that there is a need that is so needful that it does not need to see.  It is there for all to witness now in these days of Global Poverty of spirit, yes, spirit as we understand and view the enlarged and protuberant need of the few who do not know that it is illegal to starve and agent of the foreign wealth from the need to be fed.   In other words foreign governments need to move forward first in order to see that it is the foreign governments themselves who are starving their own people through ineptitude and non similaya or similitude with the aspirations of their people/s.  This is not going to be the easy way to speak this is going to be the hard. It is wasteful to produce food that does not reach the harvest table of the elder and the young alike.  This does not meet with the strange but with the stranger who is in paradise without the need for food.

But it is the need for food that makes the stranger see that it is the need for want and not food that makes the need for the better man to become equal to the problem.

There is no way that it is easy to see that the want of the nations is going to be in the end, just a sort not a sought-after theme.  A sought after theme is just that, what one wants.  But a sort if of course a type and therefore relegated to the immune system of the world where it is relegated to the aspect of the need for food and not else like the subject of discourse after the effect of the need to be strong and not weak which is what it is all about according to the dividing nations who wish to see the downfall of the West.

It is in this theme that we see that there is a need for the West to dominate in order to maintain its strength but not its real value which is in being able to suffice the needs of the world through commerce and not envy.  It is in this strength that wealth is generated for the West to defend its right to get the other member states of the world to contribute to the real need of the lesser poorer countries of the world, like Australasia and Japan where the need is for success and not to feed the world.  This is a plagiarism upon God’s work, the Bible and arose in a vision to me only two nights ago which I did not complete, forsaking the Rue for the rich unflavoured vice of the British night which arose from a poem I once wrote about skimming downriver on a punt.  This is not complete and shall follow henceforth.

This is not a Love song dear Britain.  This is not a Love song by any means.  This is a song of disdain and quiet hate, for you have come down in cultural flavour since I last met you in the dark about a Century ago when I flew into the manger of your life and met the few who stood by as the world watched itself erupt in flames of the First and only war to take place in the present.  Each was subsequently pre-planned and led to the forfeiture of many lives in the event of which it shall be.  Again.

Copyright B E Saunders 2016