Poetry demand

Every night, to relax, I get a mild

psychosis on – I am at my

most creative in this state

reviewing what has come before

me in a hazardous slanting

devilled-egg sort of display

that makes me will you to

listen and take faith

for it is in the new ones

that you can commend your

world after you when it is bright in the morning

and dusky dark at night.

I will be then and there and not here and where

as you start the beginning of a new aging in the

world about which you know nothing

as of yet. It is about to begin and they (the government)

do not want you to know it as the starting gun

has already gone off and we begin

to see the abstract art of the vehicle known as

facebook appear to lose all comers

in the display of apache-like warrior men.

I will see it in its place when they all see it

for what it really is – a commentary on civil life

and the start of a control mechanism now it

has been taken over by Trump

and his minions.



There are days when I live in flash

these are the days when I am ill

I wake up in the morning and decide to

have fun

and let the notion take me

spontaneous actions and events

fill me with joy

as my random device

direct accesses

my commutating ring

switching between the real and

the esoterically sombre.

These are good days and intensely

personal. I don’t

like to be interrupted while

I create.



It isn’t that I don’t regret it

This no one in soul again


So I do know this – I know it is okay to be

A then and there sometimes

And no’ them others


Bu’ ‘tis a good man who finds a way

To be without being a lard and a fart

For it is about time that


All and sundry knew that there

Is a better whend that does not

Fork in the road.


I wonder when they shall be along

To take me off again?



Copyright B E Saunders 2016

It would seem that I have gone way over the 700 posts mark.


I must explain that I got into this “poetry” thing through my first blog on Biomimetics.  Once that was complete, I embarked upon this.


I have printed out a huge number now with many to go….all these flash poems are going to be inspected for possible rejuvenation at some stage.  Some are just where they are going to stay floating in the ether, occupying their own time and spce.

Comptessa my Love I see thee as a form of the

Time that I

Went to the end

Of the farm


Asked what there could be

To be

And there on the style

Was the beginning of a computer

A name for it was the End of the World

Which caused the end of the Time

But not

The End of the World

As we

Know it

But it is

Now a sentiment that

Goes around the world

That we should be thankful

That we have survived the end of the

Century without mishaim or mishurm

And managed to be then and now the Enter-the-Dragon

Kind of people


Copyright B E Saunders 2016

{Snigger – I’m very generous with me time  🙂 }


Ho-Ho-Hollywood is the Bowl of soup

That we all want to eat with

A heartworn sigh of commission of

New idea that will filter through

The Heads of the Nation States now (hopefully)

And then start to ramshackle down to the roots

Of the Cause

Where they will all be a bit surprised that the

Whole measure of uncertainty is about

The way that the symbol of the Age

Is the white-trousered leg of an

African (Barrack Obama)

Therefore it is about time that

We all get to stop

The mustard and say

Hi to the Left and

Way! To the Right and see

What it is that makes

The all and the rended all the more

Tatty from being in the fight

For survival with black Americans

                                                          Like Tu Pac.

I will be

Then and now


For the next few years to see any changes

And then perhaps, I will write about it.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders