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There is no time like the present

No time to call me the better man

I love you all but still you sin

You smoke like Dirk but hold your fin

Like an animal

You do not win

In absence of glory you do not tell

The winner is evil the sky the begin

Of pleasure inperilled

The arc of bin laden

Does not finish here

But there where you win

The aimless start of war can be

The anywhere else for you do not begin

The end does start to make it sin

You do not know where I cannot simply

Open your eyes to the title track

Of the lp

I love to play

10 to 1

Is not the time

It opens doors

Where love begins

I di not know where you

Cannot sin

Begin the where

When no one sins

Where your difference on the brow

And hold your crooked man

On the sow

Soo-ee, soo-ee

I love you more

Than pigs do in your final hour

Do not know me when

You power

I know you not

And love you nire.

Pyre is work I do not pleasance

Take the bow

The corner presence

Is open now

I cannot hold

You again.


Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2020

In the absence of you comes a time of replenishment

Of the soulless time when I should

Have spoken about your philosophy of life

And the one thing I would have done would have been to kiss

And hug you again for a long time of limbo dancing and huggable nuance of the hips.

I will not be able to be the one who gives you end to end existence but I will

Be the one who gains the well-worsher of all – that is – the well-wisher of the world for being

Your tide-wallower in the rushes of space, time and the essence of God-like forebearance

For my psalm.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders

This isn’t even going to take a moment to contemplate so here goes:

This is about to be the error in our/my ways as we begin to influx the timing with a new repeal such that it does not chime for the many but only once.

It is not a going to be a when or a why but a who dunnit and so it shall be thus.  Who dunnit you ask?  Well I shall tell you a story now which will set your ears on fire with laughter and with pity and with pain.  Such it is.

I do not see that you understand what has come before you in the previous texts that make it so unavoidable to see that the average guy does not understand that it is about the injury sustained during an attack on the Bath streets of the order of mission-based i.e. ordered from above to make me aware of the locale, namely the north side of Bath and the entirety run by the orphan mastitution (or narrator) named John Graves.

I will not be able to tell you everything in one sitting so bring you smoke and your baccy next time round and I’ll see to it that you all get in and get out, do you get my meaning?

Now, here tell:  I do and do not and therefore I say this to you.  I know what it is that makes you want to read and that is the name of the game. If I told you all then…I would give up the narrative for a better man to say what it is not and so I need to convince you that what Isay is true.

That I did lose a tooth through the improvince of the name of the songbird i.e. Kristina and therefore I need not say what it is that I know – that all is not sundry it is call-of-the-wild wide open to attack and assault as I finish my three contributions to the science of Biomimetics.

I will not have it you say.  He didn’t even know it at the time that it was all going to go like this, like the end of the world hadn’t come to him already and therefore held no resolve to him against the odd days or the even as he clumb aboard the waiting titan that had all but ready the all but effortless type of surl known as the surliquy of the Surl or the Surlness or –net and so it goes.  I want to say this:  it has come to my attention that all have been able to get all of the one and two into the devon marques and thus it is that I commend you Bruce Saunders for making the breadboard come forward and wain the wool from the eye s of thee your mum the Queen.

It is within my power to thee to lend upon thy statutory fickle thy nude vainglory should about its own being bear fruit upon which to start anew.  It is not a fair nor fighting chance I give you but a fear to thine own curse upon which fell you to be the one who could and therefore did and could not bear the choice between each other and then gave forth and to them all gave a chance to get their weight together and servitude and in hate for the one called bruce e that is bruce edwards or in this case bruce edward saunders of course.  I know that I shall be the only vessel upon the sea to get through to the final eight for the top scientists of the year and that shall be a mean feat for set upon this shall be the feat of knowing where to find the core of the responsibility and that is at Claire Short’s feet the au naturelle sort of woman who is testing me she feels, not knowing in which how she is festering in my soul for it is her that I want and I shall preach to the high heaven that I shall call her by her name in due front of it, the court that is.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders

The effect of having the smoke was killing his eyesight and making it subtly effervescent everywhere he looked.  It sparkled like the rain on his head as if it were too long to be in the eye of the beholder but long enough not to be – he could see that it was brighter on the horizon but not close to hand where everything was dull and brown from the winter’s seasonal apothecraphy with the elements.

The change took time but it didn’t need to be…it could also have been the weir or the houses that lent the whole scenario a Heathcliff-ian aura of tales of weddings and funerals and grief and sickness due to the hospital’s vicinity nearby.

There just had to be where they could all see them, the flush of good morrows and the tumor of fine wakes as the pull of the water under the sea grew and pulled their weight under the trough to be brought to flow to the end of the fashion about which it was astrewn.  It was not the faustian prize but the cheroot by which I sigh and gain the strength to be able to put it all down to words as they all decide what to say and what to do in response.

I want to be able to say what it is that I want, not withstanding the law suits nor the fact that this very place has been haunted by the certain people who have been able to tame me and try and subsault me into a form of legendary failure but that is not to be.  It is true that I have had numerous intrusions in my property and that has been the failure of the police to help and provide witness to the hate crime being prevailed upon me because of my scientific endeavour.  It can only be this.

Now, I want to hear the true purpose of this missive and I want to hear that you understand what I am doing here.  Bioman 1 through 24 have been an experiment in the need for the New One. It has been an experiment in the search for God through the eyes of one who got killed and then resurrected on the ground of Bath.  It was at the climax of the attention on the Gulf War when we yes we all went to Edinburgh and farther afield to the Make Poverty History Rally of 2005 and that led to the aim of all being put onto the back sled as one or the other got in and to so to speak, in as in in shape, and to as in to be or not.  It is in the safe head of super boy here that we all see that it is about the end of the world and the start of a new one and that began without anyone even knowing it, at the turn of the century just about when all the sundry folks were having there supper and needing their bread.  Then and there it was about the start of the New Millenial reconcile to their being none and now there is all the rest of them and that means that all the forsooth promised people shall be about to get the end of the style out of their gray office blocks and into a form of new self-absorbing racket called the befoulment of the British paving, lawn and surrounds by the poodle of their choice.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders

It’s complex, what I am doing here.  It’s not unnatural, no, but it’s a little bi-polar and a little heterosexual as I fuck around like a madman with you in my head, as I tell you things about me that very few people have ever known like when I lost my virginity which is not special thing except it was a very long time ago when I was still a young lad of nineteen and then it was a time of history when Aids/Hiv wasn’t on the radar.

I like to be able to get all the words in place and then I can get them all aligned to each other later, but I still like being able to give birth to large numbers of pun-like substances that give off the stench of ripe living rather than plum pudding, which I still think is the best.  I must be able to get all of the right words in and it is essential that they all get it in the right order too I suppose.

I want to be able to get all the right words in.  But it is impossible to do without getting into a bad shape such as there is no ether that can stop the blood flow. Then there is another called the blood barrier in the brain that is about to be brought to the heel of the surgeon too.  It is all about being able to get all of the men to give blood to their nurse before it gets too fall guy-ish and they all feel that it is about the way they get into hurt that may or may not be the result of their being a little perchance under the influence of their John Hopkins such that it is in the infiltrator’s hands to be able to get all the hankie sop off the waterline and on the border of the house.  Huh?  It means that, stupid, all the men are guided by their penis rather than their brains and that this is about to be the end of all the end of the world policies that make them all feel out of sorts with all their make believe hankerchief love affairs.  I will not be able to tell you all with it is to be about but I miss being able to bring all this to the forefront of the news when it first appeared but now it is old news.  I will not be able to bring it forward because it is no longer the new and then it is no longer the nen either. The “nen” you say.  “What’s that?” you ask.  I’ll tell you.  It’s the end of the new and the start of the next time so that it is always about to become the end of the nen but not the next time either, or so to speak.

It’s a complex thing, I tell you.  It is not for the beginner reader to indulge in since it is about the way that all the world thinks about is the sex of their end of use give the time of day to the stripper but not the grandmother kind of thing.  But I still say that it is a useful thing to be able to get all the sheets of paper into a ball such that it is not a ball but a bag of meal for the kids to play soccer with after school.  Before break they can all go to see what it is that makes them all so thin and yet strong and they can get all their foodstuffs from a single bowl of the thing.  This is not going to be the easy road to bear the child along the path of lean good intention, no , it is the one who gets into the forest and yet still gets in the forest so that the real thing is about to come in and get you, the real dragon or vampyre of your dreams.  I won, said you and that is the end of the story for now.

It’s complex.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders

This is a not and a know and a now and a why but not a why and a woe it is a wo no go unto the forest of the Edenish of all, the possibility of all the fellow right furbrothers have been able to go to the Avon and Wiltshire Constabulary in Avon Down West Somerset and see if they could get all the new start and stop buttons and badges out the boot of their patrol car, which had been started and stopped numerous times by the interpreter of the New Scientist magazine so as to afar and near make it into the go and the slow lane as far as the eye can take one.  It is a still and dangerous night but still they do not come, he thinks, and says to his partner leaning against the steering wheel, “What do you say to the need of the population of Europe to be the ones who can get the most pocket money for their children but who still give the least to charity is the kids themselves.”

Well I don’t believe it a bit and so it goes but so it goes and so it goes and so it goes and so. (which means “life is fine, life is fine, life is fine” in Carew of East European and Portuguese Middle America and the West of the Caribbean). So the rest, above, must equally be in code mustn’t it?

Well it is.

So when it is the time for all and sundry to make it to the west of the town for the goal of the month competition at the West of England sound studios then it should be felt that it was the one who gave it to the end who made it and the one who gave it to the start who didn’t.

It is the end of the start of the finish and so it is and so it is and so it is. (which means again in Carew: “I don’t mind if you let down my tyre but do not open my revolt!” which means in turn in Carew Senior, another term of use out there in the Caribbean, for the maid of honour has to be the one who gets in the old and out of the new and into the old and out of the new and is it is said to go.”

I need some time to think about the open and closed system that makes up the wheel and the arch of a car.  If a car is about the same size of the craft as the craft is of the car then what is the boat to car ratio that lets a car become a boat and not a car again when it resolves into a fast car?  And what is the final date of the final destination of all the rest of the wagon wheels?

It looks like a cardboard copy of all the wheel nuts in the world coming loose doesn’t it?  How could anyone know a thing like that? Well the answer is 42 and 1/3 but not at all the right times for the run of the mill car to make it in the water and out again and therefore it must be necessary to be able to plane across the surface of all the pane and suffering of the world without being one of them who gets all the wrong in the end and now it’s so and so it is, it is, it is, it is, it is, it is.  And so.  And so.  And so.  And so.  No so go to so go to so go to so go to  no so go to no to no so to go to go no so to.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders

The newest type of orthogonal set to come out of the mathematics department at Wits is to delve deep in the legacy of wits to see if it is school for thought or if it is school for mention in history as having a distorted view of life since it became free.

It is not going to be easy to say this but I believe it is of true noteworthy experience to see that it is dangerous to the rest of the world for its history of being repressed and so should it be a closed institution until it should be better assuaged for its beginnings as a slave institution.  It is a note worth making it to see the whole value of the system and not just the fruit of it they say and so it should be that the whole of the influence of its fat graduates should be seen as a whole influence on a generation who feel it is okay now to be a little racist occasionally as it shows they are the people who live and work there and not the rest of us who sit and look on.

It is a real thing this get together of minds that lets us get the whole meal and not just the strength of it – to be able to get the whole nourishment from our experience at Wits means to be able to take it into hand and think about it as a whole thing – how it influenced our way of doing things and how it makes us feel it is the end of the time for a real one and the start of a time for a real one-two – i.e. marching orders are about to be launched as they seek to make me aware of the need for more from us.

It shames us to see and feel that it is the same place as it was of old, namely a shapeless entity that does not care for its student population with any feel for it.  i.e. it does not know when to start to try and bridge the gap between wealth and poor – it needs only to find the one who can – and that is/was me until a recent time when they all gave up on my return as a spokesman for the union there.  It shall be a saint that gets in and gets them free and it shall not be me but another kind of man/woman, a black one who shall make it clear to all and sundry that I yes I have not been remiss but have been assurre or assuaged of my ideal of being the king of the parliament of England yet again.  I shall not be.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders

But I still want to see everyone in a circle making hands for the pieman to pass over with.  I want all and sundry to be on the hill close ot the house at sunset when I shall be the one who gets all you chilluns to be the best you can be at the rest of the platter of the Horsemouth Creek.  (In other words to be at the head of the stream at noon).  It would be a work of all things to be able to get all of these things into the end result of all that is the end result of all, thereby getting into a load of shit and being unable to be and being unable to see and to defend oneself against the hordes of motorstudents not trying to mend a bicycle any longer, they were into cars!

I went to the end of the pier the other night and I could see there were a lot of cars there and I wondered why.  So I opened the window of the one on the left side closest to the beach in case  a police officer came along and stole me away from here like a dog and then I went to see what all the fuss was about.  I want to see a show of hands…is everything clear, can everybody see now?

I went to see what I was all about and then I guess I found out – that all asunder was upon us and no one should be well intent before the rest of them can do.  “It is the well to do, they all get the same time to swim and we don’t!  We only get half the time and now no one will come and try to get us out so we have to sit here all night!” she said.  “I will not be the one who gets ill this time!  No, I won’t and I will tell everyone about it.  I will!”

Now if it was about the childhood dream of one Ghostly Brown of the Cacophany of Sound Orchestra then all would be okay but it waren’t and so get this I and know where I can say when.  No one shall be able to do what I can do unless they shall be already under the durable eye of the Professor of English Johannes Tutorrel the Second and Third respectively.  When I just saw the need for a new and an old I thought that maybe I could just get them all to be in love with each other for a little while and then I would be able to get the whole thing in under the table for about fifteen minutes before I could.  This makes the rest of the thing look like the mess has come from the outside of the font and not down the sides as was supposed to happen in the days of yore when the rich drank from the front and the poor from the sides where the wet stone often got grey from saliva that was shared among all the poor population and was thought to have been the source of a lot of the Black Death of the time.  I went to the slip of the sore and won a wet t-shirt for a competition and then I let it all go.  I was bloomered with relief when I won and the whole of the audience sat in silence while I sat back and tried to get the rest of the will into the whole of the wyle and so that it is and not it isn’t.

I went to the shop for the much needed sop of nourishment called milk and did I get some?  No, I got a pack of Pall Malls and a small angle of mild tobacco to be able to make spliffs when I got home and so I did, I did make spliffs when I got home and when I did I did get some into the guitar strings of my guit and that led to the end of the road for them all.

I won’t be responsible for the mess left there and it will always be there unless someone picks it up and therefore I feel I need to be here and not there and there and not here and so forth until it is all gone and the rest of them have all been able to get the rest of us alone and see what it is that you understand when we all have to be able to get the rest of the mob under control.  We have to be able to get them under control, I repeated and that left the one to be one and the own to be tone and so it doesn’t get any bigger or better than that.  There is a new and an old and this is the old and then the new and so the new is the old and the old is the new and it is so.  This is not going to be the easiest thing to write, err, type as fast as I can and then go forwards to the end and back again to correct all these mistakes that I am making as I type.  I will not be able to get all the real ones out of the disorder partner they are emboldened upon but I will if you do and so it gets a little bit better and then it get not.  Not have I ever got the found thing and then got the fine thing and then all the fine things together and is it gets so they cannot all the rest of them to go with them and it is so.  Bruce.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


It reached to the end of the corridor, the end of the field and the end of the row but not to the end of the fiatra or field as it is called in some African language I cannot remember.  It is short and sweet but not very comfy and long from the household usage of old it is a call for the white settler to be able to get all of its perfect timing together in order to be able to make this into a coherent fashionable enclave of witnesses to the fact that this is the third time I have started a book and this time it is for keeps.

I won’t keep you anymore than to say this:  I was always a member of the African National Congress and that is the truth I just didn’t know it yet.  Now I do and so it is with fair mind that I say so and do what I can to get back there so I can serve my country and its peoples to the best of my ideals.  I want you to understand and to know that it is without any form of inconsistent move that I make that I begin to know that there is this make or model of form of card manufacturer who gives all the cards handlers their own car so as to make sure they do not get into the wrong one and get stolen away for ransom or some such excuse but really they are trying to make us all believe it is a bribe for big industry.  It is but it is a necessary one to keep the fair exchange of risk to value in place. But there is another type of thing going on which is the irrespective change to the climate of the negotiating process between South African whites and the ANC with Zuma appealing to all to maintain the pace of productivity to make the country thrive and that meant that everyone had the ability to move forward and not just the black empowered ones who need it.  This is not going to be easy today dear Jacob but it must be thought that there is a way of dealing with this scenario that does not include the backward movement of the particle but the forward ambition of the player to be able to get the whole one out of the ne’er do well mentionable known as the ANC.  The whole one is the whole particular person known as the seer and the seer is the man who can anticipate the movement of things and begin to understand where to stand in order to receive the ball.  The ball is about to play the rest of the field down to the ground level of effect and virtuous behaviour shall not be repeated for you.

I wish it to be known that all the Laws of God have been made to be the same and due to the moment of the time it is any man’s guess what it is that can be associated with the crime of having a voice to say what you will in parliament in South Africa.  Because if you don’t and I mean the whites, I see that it will be a time when the inswing of the movement will out take the bails so to speak and that will leave a rudderless ship needing relief in a quick way, not manufactured in parliament, then it is assured that you do not see.  You are blind. And so it is without need for a make shift manoeuvre that we say that this is not going to be the one who sees it, it is going to be the one who beads it into submission with worry beads of course.

No need for those of you who are of a nervous disposition to sit out this next break for I shall tell you that all is a mystery to me until the time of writing this and so I can go slow for all I care without reason for wanting to.  Just apologies to the Pope for resisting the introduction of gay marriage into the Catholic countries of the world and see that it is all about putting it up each other’s place of poo and I mean that – they all want to shit on each other’s dick’s up here in the North of England and Scotland to say the least, but also in the south too, where all the rugby boys have their plays of passion with each other so as to see each other in the basques of their favourite pin-up queen.  It is not going to be the first time I say this but it may be the final, for it is about to come to pass that I have written the two chapters that I want.  I now have to send it to a publisher. But in doing so I mst put the proof in the post to me and so get all the people to understand that I take it seriously if they steal my work without my knowledge.  I will be the anal man and the anal woman shall be A E Rivenbark – if anyone should see her or my stuff anywhere while we publish online then please call us?

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders

Tie the rope for the one to be the one to get it.  It should be about the length of the rope to kill you.  It should be about the way to get you into the reet weet game called the Masonic Foundation of God here in Bath.  It should be able to get you in but it may not get you out again and that means it could be a shit-shape move to make.

But it is and now it isn’t so we begin to see the shape of the thing that has been haunting us the past ten or so years.  The label of “Domestic Extremist” and thereby the new one called the End of the Nigh as such I shall be the one who breaks through and makes it score with the police department who must surely pity me now that I have done so much for other people and yet it couldn’t be enough could it?

They have to label me an extremist because of one march and now I am marked for life it seems as I am forever having intrusions in my rooms and there is no doubt that it is felonious in Nature if not by deceit then by design as it harasses me and makes it known to me that my private space is not private nor my own anymore as it was if ever.

There was a time when all and sundry could get away with it but now it seems that nothing is sacred anymore, no irreverence, no impecunious virtue, nor any more than the rest, the need for the Bank of England to open its doors and let someone with a bit of knowledge about the Theatre they are in, in.  It isn’t the first time I have given the slip to the cops but it is the first that has ever reached these proportions as I go from country to country amassing a file of disrepentant distrust and dismissal of all authority and yet I do not get punished.

There once was a torture victim who had a few too many to drink and he asked for the bill and they said:  What, you want us to have a whip round?  Ha! Anyway, that was good now let’s see….

Oh yes! What does the man in the telly see when he looks at the camera but…? A new thing about himself called Love and yet he doesn’t know how so he goes to a therapist and there he finds out that he cannot be on telly because he is a poor image to be presented to the public of the life of the British academician who does not cope with the trial of co-incidenting with them on any matters that do not pertain to study.  It does not make for good television to show the dissent in the rank of the unemployedment of the student population namely the lecturer union and its now representative Bruce E S and the rest of the hell of alot can go get stuffed for their way of forgetting that it is all true and I need a friend to see this namely Gary.  Gary R. where are you my friend and now tell the truth, you and Fran B were all there were you not, at Broederstroom?

Yes, B, I was, and I tell you that many people wish they had been as you did and I when I invited you, did I not?

I wish I had taken their names but….

I did, said Gary, proud.  Vusi and Kela nZoko of the Tswana East Regiment of the Eastern Transvaal and their leader was Chris Hani.

No kidding I say, what is it about the one who does the little and the one who does the most that makes it so trivial to everyone else but so true and different for you and me?  I wish I could all of a sudden bring back the people who have lost lives and then bring on the real King, the King of the Godly world who could then give a Sainthood to those who didn’t see it when they could but now can, that life is about the one who makes it through the Hell and into the still waters of Life when all is too good to be true.  Then it is an ease of things to get all the ones who open the door to get them all in and get them all out of it too (the Doors of Learning) and then to be all the more open to change and review through the development of a sensory board that does the measuring of the temperature of the staff with the current system.

It tells one a lot about the story of our life and our sorrow that we remember the name of Chris Hani with such reverence and just take out your thumb for you may lose it in the crash if you don’t it will stay therefore the rest of your born days if you continue to seek out the rest of the plan.  This is your commando speaking and you must stop now.  He-he!

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders