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British Intelligence and my PhD

It has come apparent that I have been the source of great power through the intervention of said Her Majesty’s government services use of me as a fall point to which to attach their wrongs within the system.

I preach that the start of the sequence of events began after the first assault when I began to feel the effect of the attention of the British public and again those of the certain name called the Bathonian sector of the Navy, for this was once known as HMS Bristol and flew the navy flag from every known building whenever there was any fleet action to be aware of.

I will be brief. Hazel that is Hazel Turner knows nothing of the grief I have been through; though it be irksome I forgive her now as I piece together the image of the fall, so to speak, of me from power to a form of agenda that must be recuperated from a form that was of an oblique nature and not as I saw it to be.

I know that it is the British Intelligence in the form of Her Majesty’s force the MI5 group who have been trying to stop me getting my PhD particularly in Biomimetics and going back to South Africa and doing my good work there.

I will be brief now and said that it is about the sent of the tie and the tie of the sent in other words it is about the time of the saint to come in and say that it is my equal share of the value of the system and the end of the tie that makes it to a real.  I know it sounds like gibberish to you but it means that I am in control of my senses to be able to write like that and then revert to this.  Now I see that you are all seated and ready to hear about the regime that let me in to it in the first place – what slack-assed person accepted me of all people to study an area like Biomimetics?

I will say this that it was a wan and elderly man who put me in the driving seat and that was of course Cliff Burrows who knows not that I respect him for what he has achieved although he has to admit it did get a bit out of hand.  I will not be the one who gets the whole end of the story in place in one time but I will tell you that it took a long time for me to feel this way as I undercurrent all the events with an episode in my life that gave me the shitter of a time when it was unvealed that everyone knew how she died and yet I didn’t know why they knew, that it was out of sympathy that they all sang for my side.

I will be there for you when you come into the ware of the wood – indeed when you come out of it too, I will be there, but now I must all just have to sing and dance for you and say that all the ones who gave me the end of your time.

I will not be the one who is the first to win the cup, I shall be the second and not the third either for I shall be there when I win and when I lose.  I shall not be the one who is left standing with the foot in the stirrup and I shall be the need for all not the need for some and that is a promise.

I would like to thank the following individuals for giving me my life:  Mrs Dame Prof Breakwell,  Gary Rathbone, Dean of Engineering Prof Cliff Burrows, Julian Vincent, Prof Burrows’ wife (though she does not know it, I saw her the other day) and of course Mr Adrian Bowyer who saved my life the other day although he didn’t know it cos he allowed for the fact that I had been injured to influence the way I had played the game and the hand of cards I had been given.  All I saw was attack, so to speak, and that led to a lot of lost time until he realised that it was in fact Trauma Induced Psychosis that he was witnessing and not the end of the way through to sanity again.

I must be a bit open now and say this: that I have blamed the wrong people in the simple fact of the way because I did not know what it was about – that I was really being attacked by a very grown up organization, namely the MI Group and that was the fact of it.   They are the reason that I have not worked for so long and they shall be about the first to admit that it is so Now, that it has come to light in so many papers that they have made available to Chris Evans the DJ who managed to find a way to get them and so it is true that I have been in the way of development of a plan that would have seen the end of Trade Unionism and Bath University is an entropy statement of this.

It was about to find a one way ticket out of here, Trade Unionism was, with the start of a new one called the non-Free start of the New One or the Call.  So it was that I became involved in a dispute that would go down in history as one of the bitterest that should be fought on the stairs and balustrade of Westminster although we the public didn’t know it.  Lots of arguing and fighting sometimes quite literally, on the stairs and in the corridors of power that led to the start of the demise of the West London police station called the Bellevue because of its view form its police cells.  I will be brief:  I saved the union.  How?  By supplying it with the argument (bona fide) that led to its exponent (Ken Livingstone) being able to overturn the rest of them and is it is for the sake of all that I took a dive under the ropes and went off the scene for a while.

Now I seek to assure some of you who wonder about my balance it is only far gone when I lack sleep.  It is too good to be true but I shall be able to explain when I ask you to understand that it is not the fact that I have been assaulted that does this – it is the aftermath in which I demonstrated considerable bravery in being able to continue with my work at all, never mind complete a PhD, especially when they that is the professionals were around to scare the life out of me.  I think that it is time for a brief history of the moment:  I will be the first to see the end of the tie though for I have already fore given the many who insulted me for the sake of it when they knew I had a vulnerable position to defend.

I want to tell you some more but it is about time I took a break for a coffee and a smoke so I will.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders