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Can you tell the difference between real and unreal?

If not then I am writing to you

about psychosis and the difference between being the One

who isn’t and the one who is.

I must go to the Church today and see the one

who is in control of the baptisms of Bath

who asks not who is here

but asks when shall we notice that she


Who is going to tell you about

the birthrates of the City of Bath

and who is unioning and who isn’t going

to shul as they are preparing for incest

against the woman they know as Mum?

All it takes is cognition.

No speaking in tongues is allowed here on

the page.

No spoken language can tell the tune again

of the world’s end and how I held

it in my hands for you to say



He shoves it to the left

and wriggles it back to the right.

The ball dances on a flipper

then sinks outtasight.

Judge Dredd, Ace of Clubs

multiball and more!

She tries to regain level

maybe make the highest score!

A target sinks under accurate fire!

Another goes and extra ball is lit!

She’s sweating now, reefer and beer…

A crowd has assembled

crushing close, pushing near.

She lets the ball bounce on a rubber,

subtle fingerplay shows off

her skill with the machine

she’s pissing him off!

TWACK! Goes the machine,

again for Specials lit

the metal ball is glowing

the flashing lights are getting hit!

Bump-bump go her hips

as she puts her body in

Two free games, no more!

The targets are all a-spin!

Finally she can do no more

her control has worn thin…

Over to you she shouts

do better! With a grin.


I lay so long on the open lawn

I gathered dew in my fist

Peppered by music in my ears

A solemn vow to be kissed.

The trees above they shed their leaves

falling about my mouth

The birds were crying against the clouds

long on their journey South.

The few begin the hard won Road

snatched from undergrowth,

the use of machetes tore at green

in silence they cut with stealth.

No machine out here

Upon the verge, of latent falling wings

the chainmail mist hung with the urge

to sample a knight’s last fling.


There was a time

when all things were made

in Eden.

Everything we owned

was priceless

and involved long hours

of arduour and wealth

procurement. Nothing became

of those things, they rotted

and fell apart but

were never thrown away

as in todays world

where the dump

can easily be mistaken

as a haven for the

insanely collective.

it took many ideas to foment

a pile of rotting soil.

Too many ideas is against

the Lord, I say.


It couldn’t take long

to even the keel

and separate the man from

the bird.

Mostly it took

nor even nor book

to licence the thrill

from its rook

-ery of chance.

Never before had the man

opened doors of the heart

and it’s whimsical place

on the hearth. But

no one ensured that the

right comes once more

as the wily men

of the Nansook poured

forth with their

anger for the tumult

and furs.

In the end it was just

to fight with mere listening

at the trials of the

men and machine.

But ever so long

it reported in song

that the hills were

now vacant of longing

for the arrow to shoot

the man with the loot

and it came about

that all were involute.


Try to turn and take a

part in the whirring of sound

as it strikes the ground

and know it doesn’t really matter

whose Eiffel Tower you strike.

For the man who loves to drive

it’s a manner of sakes to beyond

the palour to be able to make

the red and the green meet

again at the outset

of him in his ways

about town last evening.

In the frogmarching time

when no one knows who is about

the realising of thread there is

one who decided not to tread

but to run all the way

home like Piggy.


It will take a long time

to open the door to the right time and property.

It took no one to measure the length

of the broad strap

that closes upon the word of the song

and dance man, who knows little

beyond the white and red

and the author of those who know

it well, beyond the hoarse and call of

the near and the loose to you.

In the end it is not about

the right of all to see them in the world

but only the word of man in kind

who knows only he is fair and not

supposed to know when there

is time alone on the scale

of one to ten.

The time is here and no one knows who is

supposed and who is not

against the power of right

and wrong.

Use of it does not purport

to make the rye seem like the host

to your luck, but all becomes sin

in the light of dawn

when the ruck comes through

the right and stops it fully

being understood for many do

ot know it but many do

and so it is they ask

why are they hunted

here in the west of the land

called Nod?


I wrote to you today

to ask about the word you use

for the way in which you take away

the mouth from my either and or.

You do not take long to make believe

that you are rarely in the mood

for love and making my

wishes come true.

The way you kiss has stopped

me daily from asking truly

who do you believe

and I know it’s true

There is no evil in this

world except to know

you are not coming soon

to meet the one who

Loves you like no other.


There once was a town called the end of the town and the start of the next.  It was not a small town but it wasn’t large either.  It was the same size as the local council and of the same order of size as the rest of the town put together, i.e. it couldn’t be any better to be in if it wasn’t for the small mindedness of the local inhabitants who were all too familiar with the name of Bruce but not with the sound of it, for nobody spoke the name aloud for fear that it would cause an explosion within the vicinity of the house where they were about to leave for the new when, called the AEIOU or the vowel of all the real teal-coloured sections of the state, known as the vestige of the noon time wonder or the call of the wild.  The call of the wild was the time when all the new whens and the old ones all got together and asked each other why it was that a foreigner, a filthy devil by the name of Bruce, called into see everyone when there was a new time and not an old one and that is why it is said to be the when and the way of it.

I will not be the sort to tell the trick of the trade to one of the other men of the state but I will say this, that there is a new and an old and the old and the new together make do and make so, so it is all about the when and the wen and the way and the wayness for it all.  I will put it to you judge that it is about the when and the way and the way of it is about the one who calls herself the Queen of England.  I put it to you that I have been able to communicate to her and the members of the Royal Household by the force of my thirst for knowledge and the end of the syme is by and the start of the cig is about to begin.  I won’t be able to tell you about the way in which there has been an old and a new one but I will say this that there has been a number of feel-good factors in their know to feel how to say that it is there and there that I shall be able to make it to the ball and there and there that I shall not for I shall not be able to make it without the necessary requisite ball drama and the necessary ball dress for the occasion, namely the tie and tails of a flipper and snorkel type of guy known as the Joe or the Jay Su and Chi type of size or the all encumbering and all encountered kind of thing called the when and the where of it.  In other words to buy a suit I would have to work.

It is all the same to you I suppose but it is not the end fo the world when I have to make it through all the Jeez and Jephnots who have not been invited to the ball and therefore all  need to be there and not here.  I wish that there was a better way of getting through to you all that I was not able to make it this time and therefore I will now be on the list to make it next year when it is clear that I have passed my PhD and I have been able to make it to the ball without being in the way of the others who are going too.  I see that it is the world of the wonderment that I still have to be able to make it all the way through there and into the weak and world-wonderlike land of Nod and here I shall find the one who is about the fairest and nicest of the lot namely there is no one but you for me Sarah and that is the truth but you know and I know that it is about the one who you are near, not the one who you are with that makes the difference.

I will be going to the next ball but it is not going to be there it is going to be here in the town of Bath where I shall be greeted by the rush of air as I get on the horse and back to the charge, as I see that you have all been able to make it so far and I have yet to see you through the eye of an old soldier who is wounded by battle and not yet old enough to retire so he gets to work while he lends the rest of the town to the lend-lease agreement people who are able to gauge the real one and the old one and so it is that I can say that it is now and forever the one who knows it and not the one who know I haven’t been it for a long time and suddenly I am again.

I will not be able to see it with my own eyes yet as I have yet to see you too, Sarah sweetheart as you read my work and ask yourself why it has been so long for me to be able to get it on the shelf when all I had to do was go to the library and browse the list of things that can be published and find the correct publisher and so it goes that I should have been finished some years ago.

Well I’ll tell you my Dear that I am not able to make it back without being in the end the loyal man that I used to be although you didn’t know it at the time.  I will always be there for you and that does not mean I will be able to help but if you should ever read this and you know who has written it then you should know that I am now trying to get the shit out of here and into the boat to go back home and should you decide to follow me, well here’s your cue.

I will not be able to tell you all that has partaken of my own life such that I am able to make it into the Guinness book of records for the unnecessary use of time and money to be able to make it to the end of the fall and there to be able to make it to the end of the microphone belt in the city.  I will be able to make it here but you should be certain not to.  It is not the certain time that is the answer to our problems but the uncertain thing called the end pf the Safeway management course that leads you to the belief that all can be run efficiently afforded by the might of the mighty House of Sainsbury and his card-gilted frame called the miser and his mould.

I will be able to make it to the end of the world through the end of the primary role-model type of thing called the Realtime Account of the all-time favourite of all the spell minders known as the tubular bells of all.  I will not be the one who asks this but I will say the one thing – that it is without doubt the best thing that has ever been used for the purpose of the filling of the debt against the rest of the world by making it all the more kind and more soothing as they all try to get it under their wings and under their highs and lows of all the people they have praised who have come to be the end of the line and not the start.  It is not the start that matter s it is the slowdown that begins the state of the nation by making it all the same and not the different that it was and now isn’t.  I will not be able to tell you the real one or the old one, is it is to be the same time as before that here shall be the one and the cool one as the Hale Salassie-type of number, who is able to get there but not to get here and to be there is to be here and to be here is to be there and so forth.  I won’t continue with this chapter without saying that it is the one who is about to real in the tidal spot from the whale of the night who is able to make it to the board and to see the Queen and not the rest of them who all try but do not know what it is about them that makes it alright to be able to make it on their own and not together as planned or perceived.  I will however make due course and contact with the fall and the mighty for all their usage of their new and old kind of thing or the thing called the ewe and the ewe-ess or the ewe and the ewe-went.  It be upon me to tell you that all the telling ways of mannerisms that can be there for the rest of time can also be there for the realtime player called the before and after show or slot where all can be fond yet nothing can be stilted.

I will not be there for you nor shall I be here for the West of you neither (ignore the pun, it is intended) for some of the realtime players have a lot to ask of their mothers when it comes to washing and the order of the sounds such as the sound of the rich and famous being able to buy what they want but the rest of us not being able to because we are all too consumed with the absorbtion of the miles in the whole time called the whole-time-catchment of all that should  be.  I will be able to make it but there shall be a lot of time to be able to get the rest of the table into some order and to get the rest of the tape onto the spool and to see who it is who is going to be able to get it all down on tape and so get the rest of us to understand that all the practise of their speech and prejugal mapes and marr shall be therefore the need of the rest to be able to make it on their own and therefore to be able to make it is to be there and not here and so it goes and not a second too soon either.

I will be able to tell you the rare type of accent that makes me itch to go to SA again – it is the coloured voice of the poor and their rickle and stukkle of sort of clan-ish sense of afrikaans and then it shall be that their shall be the one and the two and then the three and the four who shall be there for all who want to see her and their new friend, me.  Bruce is the name and I am the best man for the job today, to see if it can be made into a new hand for the use of the grip of all the losers of their hands through inaccurate assignations to the need of the world to be alone for a while and get strength from the insider viewpoint that it should be able to make it and not to fake it for the sue of the surgeons to be able to make it home and again to make it back to SA.

I will be there for the rugby too and shall be there for the ice hockey and rounders but not for the soccer which I dislike now I know the GR rebelliousness is intact and able to get them all to be good at the same time when all he sundry football players are whole and good but not home and not heaven-sent either, like me.  I will be there for the end of the time and for the edge of it and so it is that I shall be able to be here for all to be able to see that I am the man who makes it to the Queen where I can talk o her about my concerns for the world and the way it is treated after all the campaigning that was done last decade and below.  I will be there but I will not be the one who gives it all away as before – I shall be the one who gives it to the teacher and asks them what it is that gets all of our new time into the old one and so it goes that I must be there for all the kids in the planet and their kids too.  I will be there but I am not going to give them the chance to make me a Saint to do it, I must be able to make it without getting them all the while they are getting wet from the splashing around done by the herd of buffalo in the stream of life from the went and the where but not from the were or the why which is where all the rest of them are from.

I will be there but I will not be able to make it I will be satisfied with the knowledge that it took the rest of the world to be able to get here but the last of the world to be able to get way from there and be sure of it too. I won’t be able to get the all and the own type of thing available to their workplace but it won’t matter hen cause there shall be the way and the when and that shall be there and this shall be here and that shall make it to the end of the game and the start of the tower.

I will be able to be there but I won’t be able to make to the derby match between Everton and Celtic as the nurse said I would since it is in the December month and that is the month when I shall be working the longest and the most on my writing and there shall be a long pause before I learn how to get all the deal into action and be able to gear on and true the whole deed with the need for the end of the time and the lack of it called the end of time and the lack of it.

I will not be able to make it to the went of the where but I will be able to make it to the when of the were or the were of the wen and this is about to become the standard for all use: the state of the nation address.  I shall be there for it this year, sitting I my living room waiting for it like a good social butterfly waiting for the rest to come through.  I will be able to make it to the when but not the where and the when shall be the one who gives the rest of it to the one who doesn’t need to be here, namely the new Duke, the Duchess of Kent and her husband, the bane of my existence til now, the bold and the now bent and aged but once beautiful, Duke who is or once was, a suitor for the hand in marriage of this good woman, the Queen Anne.  They are both close still which is why he gives me such an airing every time I go out so he can see if I give a shit about the way I look when I see him and he smiles at me and I say he is the worst host I have ever been able to send to prison, for I will when I catch him for he is to be the thing that I shall capture while I am there, the head of the Duke of Kent and his household.  I will bring it home with me, Dear South Africa, as I tart to send the rest of the world insane by the way that I am prepared to talk I front of others about the one thing I know about, namely sex and their education in the province of South Africa once known as the Transvaal and the one and only thing that concerns them whether I am Aids aware.

I will be there for the rest of the time and that shall be the way and the won – not the whether but the real way of being such that they all have to be able to make it to the end of the stage before the rostrum falls apart and there goes the end of the service!  I will see to it that this does not happen as I see it as a fine form of program to make it all say the same thing: “I love you Princess Anne” such that it is all about the where and the war and not about the were and the where and the wits out of gain and out of ward and out of where and out of were and out of the where and the were and the whyfor and the west-ho.  I for one see it as the containment of all things silly from the rest of them and so it is that I want to be able to make it all the way to the end of the Scottish-like border town of Colesberg in the UK and SA too, where there are a lot of coal miners facing death from the tb that is growing here and not being rested adequately for them all to survive it for the long time they need to recover their health and wellness and their new line of faith called me.  I will be able to make new land available through the Queen for the arable land to be culled and used to farm and therefore subsistence farming to take place on the Goldfields property south of Johannesburg and therefor they will be able to supply h market from their own stocks of corn and not from the rest of the world who still think SA is the place to export to when all the food is grown there and needs not to be mentioned again.

I will be able to get all the end meetings to take place and the conclusion they will reach is that I am able to make it happen when they cannot and that shall make them happy to have me around as their csar and there servant to the end of my life and therefore the end of the world too. For the end of the world shall form the end of the two and three plus four kind of people who will not be able to get all the way into and not all the way out of either, for it shall be the one who comes fifth and sixth who won this time as they all make it to the end of the tie but without the need for the rest of them to compete.  I will not be able to make a lot of things happen but I know this – I shall not be able to make it to the rendition of the Swiss franc being opened to the public at large where there shall be a lot of new change for the rent and for the use of the poor as the size of the Dutch farm falls to within the bounds of the normal, in Switzerland and in Kenya too where they farm roses for the life of the song about the new one and the old being able to get there but not to be there to return to the new and the old without this is to be there and to be there too again.  I will be able to be there but I do not know if I will survive the new comings from the rent and the sheet of paper known as the too true time of day sort of thing before there was any form of agency called the new one or the old one too. I will be there but I will not be able to be there for very long as I will not be the first to do this but the last to know it and so it is that I will be able to be the one who goes far and the one who goes finished and not incomplete like the rest of those assholes like Chris and the real one called the ent or the enf and the ent and the enf are known as the dur too as they are easy to do and not very tidings-well to be there either.  Once this is all complete it will need the rent ot be paid and th last of the seeed to be open to thelie of eath known as h erentkillers and their new song of joy called the rentkillers’ song and here goes:

I will not be there

I will not be sure

I will not be sure no

I will not be here too.

I wish it were so

I wish it weren’t ill

I wish it were the one and

Not the other too.

I will be here and

I will be there

But I will not ever touch the Queen’s hand

Nor shall I want to

For she has given me Her solemn vow

To make sure I make it out of here in one piece

Should she ever go and get ill and die

When this happens my whole entity shall be challenged

By those in sitting at the chamber door

Even when she asks me to come and say a prayer for her

I shall be able to do so with the whole

Of my heart and the rest shall watch as I

Lead the faith to bring her back alive

From wherever she might be and thus echo

The light and the dark and the rent shall be paid

And that is for the new and the old

Of the house and the art of the arm called

The wage of war against the Charlie brothers known

As the end of the tie.

Now this is a song that I composed last night and I now feel is ready for pronouncement as the end of Her reign shall come forth in a little while and so it is that I shall say that it is the fact that I am about to win the favour of said Monarch that I am able to build this picture for you and show that it is possible to win the end of the game without even beginning to play yet. I will not be able to make it to all the dinner celebrations because of my work but it is cause for celebration that I survived the close call of being too lenient to some people that I used to know during a trial that led to the belief that it was my fault that I attracted so much attention by going into politics, but it isn’t, that is insane.  This is the same result as saying that I am the one who sked for the microphones to be installed in my flat and they all know that it is them who are to blame, the press, not the rest of them who all have to be able to make it along the way and still get it in the head for some reason and so it is that there should be a big sign that say: “I will return!” on it so that they know it is a temporary situation sop that the rest of the country can be there too.  I will be able to make it there but not to the long and short of it but just to the long and the sensible of it.  I will be there for the news of the Queen’s Holy matrimonial bliss being alleged to be over when he dies and then when she does too it shall be the end of an era that has lasted the length of the century and not the length of the unit that has been supervising me for the last ten or so months when they heard that I was conversing with her in my sleep and in hers too.

She has complained recently of being a little unwell in the pipes section and that should never be a front from the rest of them that in the Family of the Royal Household to be there when they ask about it but then when they do they want it to be the where and the why and not the when and the maybe as per before.

I will be there but it will be for the purpose of getting her to comfort me too for I have lost a mum and she has too recently although I didn’t know it as I missed the news as I so often do and I have been talking to her dead mama through the hyphen of the contract used for the decision to get her to sleep and not to stay up for me any more when she should be sleeping and then when she does, I wake her up with my music and then she asks me to turn it down and I refuse and she says I should hang myself.  And later she relents and ask me to be hangman for the family which I judge to be the end of the subject except for one thing –that I could and do have to be able to make but to her in a split second if need be and so it is that I pray for her and with them for as ling and as often ad s thy wish for and so I be and so I ask thee in thy name that they all be able to make it to the bedside in one moment when they all will want to say goodbye to the sweet woman known now as the Queens’ mother but previously known as the Queen of Sweden and the Sol of the Light of the Spanish House of  King Franco, once the hitman for the rest of the entire planet as he stopped war by making it impossible to buy arms and so it was useless to be here for them when they knew already that there would be no show about the land and the register of speech that I choose to use.

I want to be able to get all the real ones away from there and the rest to go to the end of the theatre and see if it is about he when or the why when I ask them for the need to be here when all the rest of the world are living in London or elsewhere and I realise that it is the Pope who is trying to keep me here so I can do good works for them and show the world that it is possible to be a man of God and a scientist as well without advocating he loss of faith that goes with it.  I do not want to be there but I do wish it that I could make it to the home stake-out that makes it exciting just to be a member of the security team that left the last of the outcast friends here with me – namely Terry although that is not his real name nor his real habit which is about to come to a close for a second time in a season when I tell him he is a stupid oaf for imagining that once he knew who I was that he could corrupt me for their individual benefit of jealous pique.

I will be there but I will not be praying this time, I will be rising above to show them all that I am an angel in disguises and that I am dead already from the blow to the head that does not make it suicide to rule the work through now but does make it safe to do not too.

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders