I believe we come from somewhere and then go back

to the rightful place of Kum ba ya

and that is why they all desist

from telling One that You

are right when they are in and

you are not in

so it is not the purpose of this


to learn but to enjoy it

and that is why they ask for you

to be in the room with you and

your heart’s desired living being

that will ask you not to

melt into the siren that makes

it through the night

but not into

the spark of the dell. So you

can see it is misnomered to want to be

then and now, if it is here and there,

so you can be

allowed to One another

for the certain time

we have here on

this planet called

earth.  It is coming to pass

that you will feel it

in your heart

that all is wrong, for time is

not here where they ask:

what is it you do when

all is the wronged sort of things

and not the righted?


We are in the mind of God

and our physical presence

on this planet is an anomaly of

evolution as we have

been stripped of our walls,

exposed to the sun and change little

from the plants we once were

before Eden was born.

Reflect on our image

in the water and see that it

is changing, as will the work

that we do as we sight for

sore eyes and that be then the only time

we should be able to make it here

to the fruits of the day

and not here and now.

(here and now = Olde English for “Young Miles of Tard” or “Late due books of old day run” or “diaries”) i.e. we will not write our diaries but live and eat i.e. no dignity lost here in the end of the day as we work proudly on our day to day endeavours, sorting the wheat from the chaff, the young from the old, the sour from the milk.  A religious pun which is the old style word.  This WHOLE poem is about faith and the right to worship, for time is the wrong end of working which means – there is a one and two but not a three and four – i.e. bad timing is about playing the guitar badly i.e. the youth used to make the world flat by playing the guitar without strings/thread and that makes it all round and not fleur (square)headed.  This is where the idea comes from that the world is/was flat – from playing the guitar and NOT from belief which is REAL and correct, just like the flat-earth society maintains.  If the world is flat that makes it all the real and not the end as Rickie once sang and she iS a flat earther and knows it – she plays flat to beg for forgiveness for her sins as a drinker of Eve – i.e. for being a satan worshipper in her youth  😉  it also means she that is Rickie and not me (I am honorary one of the Girls now) have a lot of things in common as I play flat too – not chested but virtuoso as I am able to air for the betterment of mankind too but not the real but the angel of all the mornings as Juice Newton once said and that is true too…for I am angel-like as I do not know it but too you do and so it is I sing and not sow the reeds of harpist and not harmony like the one does the other in Quilt (the Band of that name of Harlem, N.Y.) i.e. this is wrong and do not do it too as it is the wrong kind of wakefulness  to be able to make it to the end of time without reflecting on the use of the word…spon.  Which is the start of the alphabet in Hebrew for which Quilt is a name – the alphabet in Hebrew – did you know that Rickie?  So their first song on the track you are reading is….John the wop and the Goanna Girls of Sydon and the Beal of Reps is the Flot and the Handle too which is the start of the number and not the right but the left as they say in Texas under the flood zone called the Rett.


Which came first:  The Panhandle or Panhandling?


You think it is from the map they didn’t have back in those times?


?????  Come on Bozo’s!!!


There is a right and a way but it is not the one but the other, help does it?


The Yuon is the right answer folks on the pipeline outside the render known as flaut on the wildside of Paris, Texas!!!


We all come from a mind on a summit

which can see far and old

for time and distance are the same

for light.

It is not for you to remember it

but you could of you do not know when

to stop listening.

It is not for me to say

but you to read in your

own voice for my accent

is foreign to you

but do not fear for I understand

the cultural impact of

my utterances from distant




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