No one will answer when I ask them for contact

This is how it feels to be friendless

to have been a social animal

and now to have none

is a ring fence I didn’t think

would contain me.


Now I break out on the web

dropping vowels and verbs

for the unendured evil

called soulless

response of like

and like nots of other

wordless ones.


The chain-linked memory

of your threads of indifference

webbing my tongue

to the floor of my mouth

make my day like a

Clint Eastwood birthday



1 comment
  1. No response asked for nor even wanted for this is a poem of unequalled piteous eloquence about the alone time of poetry. It should resonate again when I protrude into the destiny of your own work and show it to be the nonsense that it is for you are far better than I at this (poetry). Bye!


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