The Program


It’s in its architecture  to be built

With a flare for dissentry and solace

For the palm-oiled flesh of the circle of Eden for whom

Come the vegen wender and way-farer who makes for

All the hoot and holler-type of vole that still escapes the fleeing

Of the fire with a pelt that is drier than the mongst.

Of the call-out flight of fighter-jets

For the air-arm of the mystery serve by reece and the flotilla known as

The Spanish.

I will see to it that all and sundry are about to feel a long time

In the shower aware that they are all about to be called in

For a welfare cup of coffee and talk.

The program is a flute set for the renter and the rentee

to flee their end of the deal and become a lute and a newt again for

the life of the gentle…

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