If you look online today you will see I have web presence. Type in my fullname and “Bioman” and you will see I have three scientific papers published and some poetry, published and on a blog. Blogs are interesting things as you will learn later from me. But for the moment let me concentrate on my relationship with the University.

My papers say “Affiliated to the University of Bath” as a formality as they had no other way of categorising me with my dynamic first of achieving unity from the University in terms of intellectual property. So now it looks like I am affiliated to the University and so it shall remain for the moment. But all is not lost for the real meaning of “Affiliation” when you are first author is this. 50:50 split with my voice being commandment. I say who works or uses it and not anyone else, Gorb, that is S N Gorb who used my data in a paper of his own.

I am not just the first person ever to get away with his own intellectual property, I am the only person ever to complete a Ph.D. in a blue sky funded project. Ever.

Guy Richie is South African and went to Parktown Boys, about a mile from Greenside High where I went to school. Did you know that fair ones? I did not say that Quest were all military folk, just like Brigadier Toon’s brigade. They are all ex South Africa military personnel, stationed in all walks of life including military and another is the South African photographer Greg Marinovich of the book: “The Bang-bang Club” if you have read it. He is ex Greenside High class of ‘81 whereas I was class of ‘82.

Locally, John Innerd has been doing nothing for years waiting for his Knighthood although he made his valiant effort at international relations with Cambodia as a mason, not as a military attache or whatnot. And Prince Harry is getting ready to give it to him.

John Innerd also has access to a local military arms depot and and the local command of the Royal Air Cadets have heaps to complain about as I have not run and now they are afraid of me ever since I beat the crap out of one of their own, a drugs dealer.

Emily Eavis, daughter of Michael Eavis of Glastonbury fame wants my baby too as she knows of my manly rape and want her baby to play with the Royals as she gains her Knighthood from them for having a father who murders South Africa children for glee at his farm near Glastonbury Tor.

To be continued….


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