This town is about living

and not passing

the book shall remain closed

as you find that all the real things

occur by night

in the tombs of braille and unheld


that show the ones who come later

that all is not good in the reserve.


It is good to say it is Frome

not Bath who is death

to ambition as this way is why

they show no mercy

upon the working lives

of shopkeeper and


as he is not the one who

is going to succeed,

he isn’t nearly enough

to go to the town centre

and win the flag of the realm

for his own.


It will be until then that he knows

it is not he who is to blame

but the writer of this lyric

who selflessly embarks on his own

transits of worldly wooded homes

across the sea where he has not

been to compare with it

like I.


It is wrong to be sure

that this is pitfalled with goodly

natured people

for it is not.

It is full of evil and it is not

they who know it but their

own parenting and feel-good

numbers of people like you who

ask too much, for it is without time

and no one knows it yet.



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